Escalator safety rules you must know

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When taking the escalator, please pay attention to

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when taking the escalator, please pay attention to

1. Make sure that the shoelaces are tied properly

2. Try not to ride when wearing hollow shoes or soft soled shoes

3. When wearing a long skirt or carrying items, pay attention to the skirt or items to avoid being caught

4. Determine the direction of elevator movement to avoid reverse stepping

5. Pay attention to the front and grasp the handrail

6. Pay attention to your feet to avoid falling down due to stepping on the junction of stairs

7. Try to stand in the middle of the steps instead of squatting on the steps

8. Ensure to leave quickly and steadily upon arrival

pay attention to safety when taking children on the escalator

1. It is forbidden to put children in strollers, walkers or shopping carts to take the stairs! Before taking the ladder, hold the child off the stroller and then take the ladder. The stroller should be folded to avoid pinch accidents

2. Tighten the child's hand and try to stand on the same step as the child, so that the child is on the front step of the adult

3. Don't distract yourself from playing with mobile phones or talking, and always look after your children

4. Pay attention to children's clothes to avoid getting involved and stuck by the end of the escalator

5. Let children stand within the reach of their hands to ensure timely rescue in case of emergency

tell the child that these actions are extremely dangerous and cannot be done

1. Leave adults and take the escalator alone

2. Running, playing and walking in reverse on the escalator

3 face back and take the escalator

4. Do not grasp the handrail when taking the escalator

5. Look out when taking the escalator

6. Do not enter the escalator but touch the hand strap

7. Grasp the handrail and slide, which is a very dangerous action! It is easy to fall from high altitude

adults should also stay away from these dangerous actions when taking the escalator:

1. Don't lean against the side skirt of the escalator

2. Do not kick the end cover of the escalator

3. Don't let your hands and clothes touch the parts below the handrails on both sides

4. Don't walk or run on the steps

5. Do not extend your body beyond the handrail device

6. Do not insert sharp and hard objects such as crutches into the gap or groove of the elevator

7. Do not climb at the handrail or inner and outer cover plates

8. When leaving the escalator, don't stop talking or look around

don't take the escalator these days

1. In case of fire or earthquake in the building, do not take it, but evacuate through the fire stairs

2. Do not take the escalator when it is flooded, and evacuate through other emergency exits as soon as possible

3. Do not use the escalator as a stair when it stops running

if you are in danger by taking the elevator, save yourself in this way

1. Call for help loudly and remind others to press the emergency stop button immediately

2. Protect the brain: cross your hands and fingers to protect the back of the brain and neck, and protect your bilateral temples with your elbows forward

3. Protect the chest: if you fall to the ground, you should keep lying on your side, bend your knees as far as possible, and protect the important organs of the chest and abdominal cavity

attention! The emergency button is usually at these places

1 and the handrail at the elevator entrance

2. Bottom of inner cover plate of elevator

3. Middle of large elevator





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