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Manufacturing industry is an advantageous industry, To implement "China's production 2025 adheres to innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation and green development, and accelerates the transformation from a large production country to a strong production country. Focusing on the strategic goal of achieving a strong production country, China's production 2025 will vigorously promote the breaking and development of key areas, including ten major areas such as new materials represented by water-based coatings.

water paint, a new environmental protection material with water as diluent, ultra-low emission, and water paint replacing paint, can have Reduce the VOC content in the atmosphere to improve the haze climate. Therefore, the implementation of water paint is also the mainstream direction of today's coating industry, and more insiders have strongly indicated that, In the era of water paint in China According to the understanding of China's industrial network, the real market-oriented quality improvement request of water-based coatings, if it can't be completed, just resort to health is tantamount to talking on paper. Now, some multinational groups also attach great importance to the infinite development potential of China's future water-based paint market, and many have begun to build factories in many regions of the country, and are ready to widely implement it.

purchase demand I know the Pearl

1 environmental friendly paint is made of leading raw materials, and the gloss paint is water white and bright; The matt paint is semi transparent, slightly muddy, and free of redness, blackening and deposition

2 under normal circumstances, the smell of environmental friendly paint is gentle, thick and colorful, and the aroma is pure; As soon as the defective paint is opened, it emits a fierce pungent smell or other unknown peculiar smell. Now, some defective paints also have fragrance, but just like defective perfume, they are not suitable for use. Green environmental protection coatings are usually water-based or water emulsion substances, which have no peculiar smell and are not burned. No special requirements are required for construction and transportation; Solvent based or oily coatings have a strong pungent smell, and are flammable and explosive. Once they are operated carelessly during construction and transportation, the consequences will be unimaginable

3 when purchasing, you should carefully ask about the quotation, environmental protection and safety, quality commitment, service commitment, etc. of the paint, and check the corresponding quality inspection certificate, new national standard inspection speech, benzene free certificate, ISO9001 certificate and environmental protection certification certificate

4 green environmental protection coatings have multiple functions, such as mold proof, radiation proof, UV proof, flame retardant and other characteristics, while Jijin coatings have a single comparison

5 the functional indicators of green environmental protection coatings are more reasonable, such as gloss, permeability, moisture-proof and breathable function, heat-resistant, frost resistant function, adhesion and so on, which are higher than those of advanced coatings




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