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when doors and windows form a concept in the process of human civilization, they gradually carry people's attitudes, views and subconsciousness towards life. The phototaxis of eyes always makes us first pay attention to the brightness and vitality brought by doors and windows to the room, which makes the limited space infinitely extended, so doors and windows have become the first level to show our lifestyle

in the development process of customized doors and windows, Cartier doors and windows are constantly enriching the profile structure, and the opening also increasingly meets the needs of personalized life. This explicit change implies that Cartier pays close attention to the changes of global fashion life, and also represents the realization of various residential demands

Cartier's pursuit for the perfection of customized doors and windows will never stop, and we are also maintaining our original advantages, so that you "have to do it"

in addition to presenting space, bedroom doors and windows also provide a peaceful and quiet habitat for modern cities, staying between the best sound environment of 15-45 dB, maintaining your voice and ears, and making life more comfortable. The air sound insulation capacity of insulating glass can reach 30-40db. Coupled with the three-layer high-quality sealing design with door and window frames and fans, noise reduction is achieved layer by layer to make the home more quiet

Cartier has a goal: to promote the development of "high-quality home decoration Cartier doors and windows", and we will make contributions to the home decoration industry as much as possible

only with good air tightness and water tightness can the green energy saving of the building be achieved. High quality nylon spacer strips are selected. By adding nylon spacer strips, the aluminum alloy profile is divided into internal and external parts, which are disconnected to form a broken bridge, preventing the conduction of heat, and realizing the heat preservation and insulation function of warm in winter and cool in summer

we produce not only doors and windows, but also the safety of users. In today's progressive and busy social environment, safety cannot be ignored. Cooperate with German high-end hardware brands to customize hardware supporting products for cartier doors and windows, continuously improve the integrity of system products, and adopt multi lock point design to enhance the theft resistance of doors and windows, reduce damage, and create first-class door and window safety

our value to you starts from your experience. It is durable and lasting, which is the real user experience. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, which enhances the wind pressure resistance and vibration resistance, and even high-rise buildings are not affected; The bridge broken aluminum profile with special treatment on the surface has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to turn yellow and fade

modern urban people have higher aesthetic requirements for life, and the demands of visual space are more personalized. Cartier doors and windows inherit the classical delicacy of French architecture, and the simple and clear lines bring simple life to users. Equipped with the concept of customization that is not limited to one style, they integrate doors and windows with home

Cartier doors and windows, join hands to win the future! Good doors and windows are relatively perfect in quality, design and functionality. As a leader in the industry, Cartier doors and windows has always adhered to the concept of building a brand with quality to ensure that products at the same price have higher quality. Consumers who want to choose good doors and windows must not miss Cartier doors and windows

German Cartier windows and doors www.dgkadi Com

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