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From March 9 to 12, 2016 Beijing wallpaper exhibition was held grandly. Tianyi seamlessly brought new products to the exhibition and won the favor of many merchants. Tan Tongfa, the sales director, received an exclusive interview from the home hotline and Huiya information reporters at the exhibition site

from March 9 to 12, 2016, tianyiseamless and exquisite embroidered murals appeared at the 21st China (Beijing) International wallpaper, cloth and carpet soft decoration exhibition 2016, attracting many dealers to consult and negotiate cooperation. Tan Tongfa, director of flawless sales, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from home hotline and wallpaper world that the company will make great moves in 2016 and will show flawless in front of the public with a new attitude and appearance

on site interview guests: Tan Tongfa, sales director of Shaoxing Meile seamless wallcovering Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, President Tan, what new products have we brought to this exhibition seamlessly? What are the highlights of these new products

President Tan: we brought a total of 17 new products at this year's exhibition, including 12 of our jacquard series and 5 of our embroidery series. Of course, we have to mention the embroidered murals, which are our original varieties, with a total of 5. The greatest advantage of embroidered murals is that they have upgraded the murals printed in the traditional sense. The mural is displayed on the high-precision cloth through the embroidery process. In this way, the pattern of the mural will become fuller and tighter, and the color will be more beautiful. The attribute of embroidery process itself is to show elegance and dignity. According to the feedback of customers on site, this product fully meets the aesthetic requirements of contemporary people for home furnishings. It can be said that this is a perfect upgrade product

home hotline: at present, many soft decoration enterprises such as wallpaper and wall cloth are developing towards customization. What do you think of this

Mr. Tan: now the requirements for home building materials products are not only private customization, but also many other aspects, such as personalization and intelligence. We have also made a lot of efforts and spent a lot of thoughts in this area. For example, the core of our research and development is to make our products environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly and more environmentally friendly! Tianyiseamless has been making hot glue products since its establishment in 2010. Why do you make hot glue? People in the industry know that hot glue products have high requirements for cloth surface, the manufacturing process is more complex, and there are more production links. Why do we always insist on hot glue? It's because hot adhesive wallcovering is the healthiest and most environmentally friendly product. Nowadays, there are too many wall decoration materials in our country, but it can really be called environmental protection, that is, hot glue wall cloth products, which can achieve zero release. The product uses solid glue, which changes physically under the dual action of high temperature and pressure, and changes from solid to liquid, producing viscosity. That is, the colloid we usually use in clothing production, mother and baby products, medical supplies and other aspects. It is one of the most environmentally friendly and healthy viscose categories at present

home hotline: the brand-new 2016 has also been launched, so what kind of development plan do we have in this year

president Tan: in 2016, we will increase the promotion of the brand on the premise of ensuring the leading product research and development and the complete standard of the company's service processes. For example, we will do some strategic cooperation with CCTV, and choose some well-known domestic media and media for extensive and deep cooperation. In 2016, we will make great efforts to seamlessly present ourselves to the public with a new posture and appearance

home hotline: we also look forward to seeing the new posture of seamless as soon as possible, and wish seamless better and better in the future

President Tan: Thank you




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