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Amazon believes that the Kindle will not affect the sales of printed books

according to US media reports, Amazon's first hardware product, the Kindle Reader, has achieved unprecedented success. People in the industry have a question: will e-readers and digital books affect the sales of traditional printed books? Currently, Amazon executives have given a negative answer

jeffbezos, CEO of Amazon, was recently asked whether the Kindle Reader will affect Amazon's profits in the long run

Bezos replied that the Kindle Reader will make books cheaper and cheaper. For example, many Kindle digital books cost only $10. Amazon hopes to sell more books at a small profit, that is, it can sell more books despite the decline in the profit of a single book

when asked whether the Kindle will have a cannibalism effect, szkutak, Amazon's chief financial officer, said that the control valve Kindle driving the hydraulic system has brought incremental sales to Amazon's c loading speed instigator. Their statistics show that after users purchased the Kindle Reader with an average service life of 30-40 years for high-speed rail locomotives, the purchase volume of printed books remained unchanged, and the overall purchase volume of books, including printed and digital editions, was 1.6 times that of the original

in addition, szkutak said that a new version of the Second Generation Kindle Reader will be launched next year. The photos of the new version have been exposed in some stations, and the keys are more reasonable and simple than the first generation

however, analysts believe that just as digital music gradually replaces CD in the music market, the future book market will also show this pattern, and the sales of digital edition will gradually erode the printed edition, which is also in line with the more environmentally friendly consumption trend

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