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Alstom achieved good results in sales and operation in the first half of fiscal year 08/09

from April 1 to September 30, 2008, Alstom received orders with an increase of 20%, reaching more than 15 billion euros, a new record. Compared with the same period of the previous fiscal year, Alstom's sales increased by 12% to 9billion euros, its operating revenue increased by 22% to 697million euros, and its operating profit margin increased from 7.2% in the same period of 2007 to 7.8%. As a result, Alstom achieved a net income of 527million euros, with a growth rate of 36%, and its positive cash flow was significantly increased to 1.2 billion euros at the end of september2008


Patrick Kron, chairman and CEO of Alstom, said: "In the first half of fiscal year 2008/09, Alstom received another record number of orders. As of September 30, the total amount of reserved orders had reached a historic high level, equivalent to two and a half years of sales. Thanks to the positive cash flow in the first half of the year, our financial situation has been consolidated again. Therefore, we are confident that we will continue to implement the strategic policy of balancing growth and improving performance to ensure that Alstom's operating profit margin in March 2010 will reach 9% Growth goals. At the same time, these achievements also show once again that Alstom's profit strategy is effective, from which we can clearly foresee future growth, and help us better cope with the impact of the recent financial turmoil. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the implementation of the project and the supply chain, and strictly control all costs and expenditures, so as to continue to improve our profitability. "

strong market driving force

Alstom's outstanding performance benefited from the long-term growth of the Ministry of power and the Ministry of transport. At present, the contradiction between the growth of emerging markets and the lack of power generation capacity has prompted a large number of new demands for new equipment. At the same time, restrictions from environmental protection laws and regulations and high fuel prices are bound to lead to changes in the demand for high-tech equipment in the field of power generation, and people will give priority to rail transit in many modes of transportation. In the field of energy, in view of the aging of infrastructure in developed countries, the upgrading cycle is also accelerated, thus increasing the demand for power services and transformation. In addition, with the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for public transport and inter city transport will increase accordingly, especially in emerging countries

sales performance hit another record 7. When starting up, the group raised the swing rod by hand and suddenly lowered it to a new high

during this period, the group has received orders of up to 15.4 billion euros, an increase of 20% over the same period last year, another record high, raising the total number of reserve orders to 47billion euros, an increase of 26%, equivalent to more than 30 months. 5. Press the "slow rise" button. The perfect performance of the contract is still regarded as Alstom's priority

the strong growth of Alstom's orders in the first half of the year was mainly from the power system department and the transportation department, with an increase of 41% and 8% respectively. The power service department still maintained a high growth level in the same period last year

in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09, Alstom Power Systems won the following important contracts: a turnkey coal-fired power plant project in Saudi Arabia, 6 gas turbines and generators for a coal-fired power plant in South Africa, and 9 gas turbines in Europe, North Africa and Asia. The power service department signed two long-term maintenance contracts in the United Arab Emirates and Tunisia, and won a number of small and medium-sized projects at the same time. In addition, the Ministry of transport has achieved remarkable results in the number of orders, including the AGV contract for the new generation of high-speed trains in Italy, the tilting train project under the United belt maintenance contract in Britain, the tram project in Dubai and Morocco, the metro project in South America and China, and the regional train project in Germany

with the recent substantial increase in order volume, Alstom's sales in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09 reached 9billion euros, an increase of 12% compared with 8billion euros in the first half of fiscal year 2007/08. Among them, the most obvious sales growth was in the power system department, with a growth rate of 22%, and the power service department, with a growth rate of 11%, while the sales of the transportation department maintained a stable growth as expected

in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09, the ratio of orders to sales continued to increase, reaching a record high of 1.7

support future growth

in order to better complete the growing task of reserve orders, the Group continues to implement the policy of active human resources management. In the first half of this year, Alstom recruited 6000 new employees worldwide, including 3300 engineers and managers

in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09, R & D investment increased by 9%, and significant progress was made in the R & D project of carbon dioxide capture technology in power. In 2008, the first pilot power plant using oxygen enriched combustion technology was launched in Germany. In terms of transportation, the new generation of high-speed train AGV has carried out the first batch of dynamic tests in the Czech Republic

in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09, Alstom's capital expenditure also increased, reaching 195million euros, an increase of 68% compared with the same period last year, which will help to improve production capacity, especially in the strong growth market. In the first half of this fiscal year, Alstom established a strategic partnership with transmashholding in the first half of this year in order to enter the strong growth of the Russian rail transit market

improved profitability

in the 2008/09 fiscal year, Alstom's operating revenue reached 697million euros, an increase of 22% compared with 573million euros in the same period last year, and its operating profit margin also increased from the original 7.2% to 7.8%. Under the dual effects of increased sales and gradual delivery of high profit projects, the operating profit margin of the power system department increased from the original 4.5% to 5.9%, and the profit margin of the power service department increased from 16. 5% As the market demand for plastic products increased by 3% to 16.7%, the operating profit margin of the Ministry of transport decreased from 6.9% to 6.6%. The main reason for the slight decline was the expenditure required for the construction of new platforms. The sales remained stable, with different emphasis on basic research, industrialization, utilization demonstration and other links, because the progress of some projects was expected to accelerate by the end of the financial year

in a word, Alstom's net profit in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09 was as high as 527million euros, an increase of 36% compared with 388million euros in the first half of fiscal year 2007/08, which was mainly due to the improvement of operating performance and the first realized financial revenue

high positive cash flow

the total positive cash flow in the first half of fiscal year 2008/09 was EUR 1201million, compared with EUR 1248million in the first half of fiscal year 2007/08. Such a high amount of cash flow is due to the double factors of good operating performance and significantly improved demand for working capital. The main reason for the significant improvement of demand for working capital is the strong development of sales business

as of September 30th, 2008, after deducting the issued stock dividends, Alstom's net cash flow was as high as € 1864million - while the group's net cash flow as of March 31st, 2008 was only € 904million, and its gross cash flow was as high as € 2.7 billion. In addition, it can use the € 1billion loan amount due in 2012. ALSTOM's gross debt is mainly composed of two bond loans, with amounts of 150million euros and 297million euros respectively, which will be due in March 2009 and March 2010 respectively. In addition, Alstom also holds a joint commercial deposit of € 8billion (of which € 2billion is available) and several bilateral deposits of € 12billion (of which € 4billion is available)

due to the considerable profits achieved during the period, the group's own funds increased from € 2245million as at 31 March 2008 to € 2477million as at 30 September 2008 after the distribution of dividends

looking forward to the future

Alstom will continue to implement the profit growth strategy and strategic investment policy, and selectively carry out mergers and acquisitions to promote internal growth. At the same time, Alstom will also improve its flexibility by tracking the demand changes in its market and strictly controlling various expenses, so as to better respond to possible changes in the economic environment

in view of the high volume and high-quality reserve orders at the end of September 2008, Alstom can be sure that the operating profit margin will reach about 9% by March2010. Among them, the total operating profit margin of the power system department and the power service department will be between 10% and 11%, while the operating profit margin of the Ministry of transport will be between 7% and 8%

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