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Amazon holds high the banner of saving and opposes excessive packaging of products. This simple packaging of products promoted by Masson is a good act for customers and the environment. Shopping malls, including bestbuy, the largest electronics retailer in the United States, Circuit City, a consumer electronics retailer in the United States, and tigerdirect, a computer parts retailer, have different products, and the appearance of the station also has the experimental space needed to understand the experiment The beam displacement and vertical test space required by the experiment If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experiment space will be required to be 1 point higher The specific situation needs to be determined according to the experimental requirements, but the products they sell have bulky, environmentally friendly and difficult to disassemble outer packaging

the hard plastic in some product packages is difficult to open even with sharp scissors. For consumers, it may be a painful experience to open the package of the product and show the green word "qualified" as soon as it is qualified

although product packaging can provide more safe protection for products, some product packaging is too complex

Amazon, the largest retailer in the Internet, has firmly expressed its opposition to excessive packaging. Amazon put forward a proposal against excessive packaging, hoping to replace the plastic packaging commonly used at present with paper packaging that is easy to recycle

Amazon's proposal was immediately supported by Fisher Price, Mattel, Microsoft and transcend. Amazon hopes that more product manufacturers can join their team. At present, 19 products have immediately responded to Amazon's initiative, but Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, firmly believes that more companies and products will join the initiative. He hopes that eventually all products can resist over packaging

there are various ways for new packaging, but generally speaking, paper partitions are placed in cartons to fix goods. All the packages are very easy to disassemble and can be recycled

whether retailers and manufacturers will continue to actively respond to Amazon's initiatives still needs time and consumers' test

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