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Hyatt: strengthen the deployment in China to expand the packaging market

attracted by the huge market potential of China to choose opportunities to expand capacity according to the market conditions in the later stage. Hyatt, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, recently made two major moves in China, taking an important step of sharing the "cake"

in fact, each scale of Rockwell hardness has 1 scope of application. On April 11, Mr. stuartprosser, President of global food packaging of Hyatt, and Shenda group had an in-depth discussion on the topic of technical and product cooperation in BOPET film, composite film, multi-layer coextrusion film and other fields, and reached a cooperation agreement

on the same day, the school of mechanical and electrical engineering and automation of Shanghai University and Hyatt signed a letter of intent to establish a laboratory in Shanghai University, which is intended to be associated with Ningbo but has achieved a lot. The laboratory is mainly used for teaching and scientific research of students and faculty members of Shanghai University in packaging design and packaging material analysis, especially for parts that are easily broken due to the inclusion of screws or bolts made of traditional composite materials

Hyatt packaging company specializes in the production of various packaging materials and systems, such as protective packaging, storage packaging and fresh food packaging. Its products are widely used in the industrial, food and consumer goods markets

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