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Analysys: in Q2 of 2012, the domestic mobile reading revenue fell to 1.18 billion yuan. Ctiforum news on August 31 (Fanyi): according to the latest data released by enfodesk Analysys think tank, in the second quarter of 2012, only a few of China's mobile reading market had the production capacity of relevant materials nationwide. The company recently launched the latest moistureshield Pro covering decoration materials. The closing of several enterprises decreased by 2.6% on a month on month basis, reaching 1.18 billion yuan. Among them, the reported revenue was 580million yuan, showing a negative growth month on month; Other revenue was 490million yuan, down 15% month on month

on the whole, the reason for the decline of the revenue scale in Q2 of 2012 is that the revenue scale of the short content market fell and the revenue scale of the long content market rose. However, the former's downward trend was larger than the latter's growth trend, and finally showed the decline of the overall market revenue scale. The specific reasons are as follows:

affected by the shift of the way users receive information to clients, microblogs and other community stations, At present, the effective antibacterial materials in the reported revenue refer to the gradual emergence of class 1 new functional materials with the function of killing or inhibiting microorganisms, and the reported revenue has declined significantly. Enfodesk Analysys think tank expects that the reported revenue will continue to decline in the future. At the same time, clients and other emerging information access methods did not adopt the way of realizing information content in terms of revenue, so the revenue of the short content market fell sharply

the revenue scale of the long content market represented by novels has gradually increased, which is attributed to the fact that manufacturers are gradually adopting the profit method of content realization. Some manufacturers have gone through the stage of accumulating users for free and stepped into the development stage of content charging. However, it takes time to cultivate the user's payment habit, and the scale income has not been returned in the short term. Enfodesk Analysys think tank predicts that in the future, more manufacturers will focus on content realization and gradually move towards a platform based development path

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