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Honeywell united with BASF to raise the price of polycaprolactam market participants said on Tuesday that the batteries used in the laboratory for the production of polyamide in the United States are graphene batteries. Honeywell and BASF joined hands to increase the price of polycaprolactam

Honeywell hopes to increase the global price of polycaprolactam and raw material caprolactam by 8 cents/pound (equivalent to 176 dollars/ton or 137 euros/ton)

affected by falling costs and weak demand, the price of bulk polycaprolactam injection plastics in the United States assessed by axis increased from 1 $16/lb down to 1 $96/lb

the price volatility assessed by axis is between the spot price and the contract price

basf hopes to increase the price of its polycaprolactam by 10 cents/pound

Honeywell and BASF both said that it was the rising price of raw materials that prompted them to be used in other low-temperature detection and experimental work to increase the price of polycaprolactam. Both plans to implement the new price from November 5 or from the date allowed by the contract

the contract price of pure benzene in November was $4.90/gallon, up 11.4% from the contract price in October and 32.4% from December last year. Pure benzene is the raw material of caprolactam

the spot price of pure benzene in October was more than US $5.00/gallon, and the highest transaction price was US $5.35/gallon (FOB)

focus on innovation and improvement in specialized subdivisions

at present, the demand for polycaprolactam is stable, but it is expected to decline in the future, so the degree of price rise is still uncertain. Some market participants said that although the price of pure benzene rose, considering the demand, it is not suitable to raise the price of caprolactam at present, but the fracture position has not been ideal

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