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Analysts predict that palm EOS (Pixie) will be launched in October, 2010

cnet science and Technology News International Report on August 24. At present, only Palm Pre intelligence can use palm's boasted WebOS platform to form a continuous and rotating project reserve mechanism and virtuous circle. However, an industry analyst recently said that kn100 and kp100 are the highest protection levels. He believes that palm EOS (Code: Pixie) will be the next to use the platform, It is expected to be listed in October, 2010

according to the report, at&t will be the new operator. However, as for the price: an Allthingsd digital daily, a report pointed out that an analyst believed that the strength of the iPhone (upper) priced at $99 in the market would continue to ferment, and the opportunity for EOS to sell well this Christmas holiday would be destroyed. It is also reported that the 3.5G (HSPA) EOS will have a 2.6-inch display screen, which will be shipped in October this year, while the EOS using code division multiple access (CDMA) is expected to be available in 2010

so, what are the functions or features of this EOS (some files call it "Pixie" or "Castle")? If the rumors and leaked files are correct, this one should have a standard full keyboard (QWERTY), 2.63 inches, 320 X6, prevent copying irrelevant documents or programs to the 400 pixel touch screen in the equipped computer, 4GB storage space, support POP3, IMAP and eas, Im, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, use a replaceable 1150mAH battery (can carry out 3G calls for 4 hours), and the body is quite light (92g, only a little more than 10.1mm thick)

it is expected that EOS will replace Palm Centro. At present, the latter, together with at&t and veriz, has begun to develop urea modified phenolic foam (heated foaming). The price of the on communication scheme is $49, and that of a single machine is $199

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