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How IOT can "link" modern agriculture

IOT system architecture diagram

greenhouse environmental factor collector

following the computer, Internet and mobile communication that began in 1999, the era of IOT, which is recognized as the third wave of information industry in the world, has quietly arrived. From then on, with perception as the premise, the network platform for the comprehensive interconnection of people, people and things, things and things has been successfully constructed, and the era of agricultural production relying on experience and feeling will be gone forever. A series of problems that have been fuzzy handled in different growth cycles of crops have been checked by the information-based intelligent monitoring system in real-time quantitative and accurate way

since 2009, in order to effectively improve the control ability of crop production process and the refinement level of production operations, Beijing plant protection station has introduced IOT technology into facility agricultural production, so as to promote the transformation of Beijing's planting production mode to a refined, intelligent and intensive mode, and promote the development of ecological agriculture, circular agriculture and low-carbon agriculture

seamless remote connection of docking information

what do farmers rely on to master fertilization, watering and pest management in traditional agricultural production? Four words: feeling, experience. Walking into the greenhouse of the Organic Tomato facility of the Beijing lvcaiyuan vegetable professional cooperative in Yanqing County, I saw that insect proof boards were hung more than a meter high, drones were flying and pollinating, and cards of aphid wasps were hung on the hanging main stems. The ground was covered with black mulch, and under the mulch, drip irrigation pipes were hidden. Colleagues in the orderly agricultural production market often asked themselves to change their positions and think about production, But I couldn't see the staff. Zhaoyuzhong, the chairman of the cooperative, said: with IOT technology, organic vegetable production depends on information-based intelligent monitoring systems. Of course, there are not so many people

what Zhao Yuzhong said is a small box among the vegetables. Agronomist Yin zhe introduced that this is a wireless sensor with five in one function, which is responsible for collecting the temperature and humidity of soil, air and light intensity in the greenhouse. Every 30 minutes, the sensor will set the setting key of the mortar tensile testing machine as the adjusting force of the testing machine, and the set data will be transmitted to the monitoring room through the wireless network to reflect the changes of the vegetable growth environment in the greenhouse in real time. The technician can timely and accurately grasp the environmental conditions in the facility without going out

like lvcaiyuan cooperative, Beijing Jinfu Agricultural Technology Group also introduced IOT technology to guide agricultural production in the Sightseeing Greenhouse. Chen Hui, a technician of Jinfu Yinong, said that in addition to the five in one sensor, the greenhouse has also added carbon dioxide concentration monitoring equipment and installed an IP network intercom system. The intercom system is connected with the central control system, and the operator communicates directly with the greenhouse staff to realize seamless docking

monitoring the quality and safety of agricultural products without hidden dangers

how to guide technicians only by the information collected by wireless sensors? This is due to the remote intelligent expert system of facility agriculture. Chen Hui, a technician of Jinfu Yinong, said: the information collected by wireless sensors in the greenhouse is finally automatically summarized into the remote intelligent expert system of facility agriculture. This system is like the brain of IOT technology system

agronomist Yin zhe introduced that a large number of greenhouse environmental factor data, a whole ship customer needs about 500 specifications of ship board information, which is transmitted to the facility agriculture remote intelligent expert system through wireless sensors, and this brain will automatically generate a dynamic real-time change trend chart of the facility environment. At the same time, for some known pests and diseases, early warning maps of plant pests and diseases will be made through computer models according to their occurrence and epidemic environmental conditions

in the monitoring center of Jinfu Yinong, technician Chen Hui opened the operation interface of the system: the name of crops planted in the greenhouse, the time of the whole growth period of crops, greenhouse environmental factor parameters, crop maturity and other information at a glance. Yin zhe said: the key to using IOT technology to scientifically guide the prevention and control of diseases and pests lies in the comparison results between the real-time change trend chart of facility environment and the early warning chart of facility diseases and pests. If the comprehensive environment in the facility is close to the environmental area where a certain pest occurs, it indicates that the pest is about to occur or has occurred slightly. The closer the proximity is and the larger the overlapping area is, the greater the possibility of disease or disease is

in actual production, growers generally start to apply medicine for control when they see diseases and insects, and even when the situation is quite serious. It is often too late to mend. This prevention and control mode based on IOT technology fundamentally realizes the transformation of pest control from passive treatment to active prevention, so as to greatly reduce the number and amount of pesticide use, and even completely avoid the use of chemical pesticides

in addition, relying on the remote intelligent expert system of facility agriculture, Beijing agricultural experts have also been included in the service platform to provide remote services for agricultural production when the clamping length of the test piece is the same as the length of the fixture tooth surface, and send high-tech to the field in the office

there is no distance from the production and marketing field to the dining table

cooperatives extend the application of IOT technology. Using the system platform, we have developed and realized the green resume system and the intelligent community distribution system of the vegetable production base directly facing consumers, and established the direct supply channel between the production base and the community consumers, so that consumers can query the vegetable planting information through the website, and use the convenient ordering method, so that they can enjoy safe, fresh and affordable high-quality agricultural products without leaving the community. Zhao Yuzhong said

in 2011, Beijing beicaiyuan vegetable professional cooperative took Beijing Yuanmingyuan community, shuanghuayuan community and laimenghu community as pilot projects, and installed intelligent distribution cabinets for each community, realizing the safe one-stop production and marketing docking of high-end agricultural products from the ground to the table. Zhao Yuzhong told that consumers order agricultural and sideline products through the cooperative station, and beicaiyuan will directly put the products ordered by consumers into the smart cabinet in the community according to the order. After the cooperative staff completes the product distribution, the system will automatically send the opening password of products to consumers in the form of SMS, and consumers will enter the password to pick up vegetables according to the received information to the corresponding smart cabinet, When the consumer closes the smart cabinet door after picking up the vegetables, the system will automatically generate a transaction completion information, and feed this transaction completion information back to the beicaiyuanluo platform, so far the transaction is completed. The use of smart cabinets shortens the supply chain and supply time, and reduces the cost of intermediate links. The price of the same kind of products is 30% lower than that of supermarkets. Zhao Yuzhong said

up to now, Beijing beicaiyuan vegetable professional cooperative has laid 22 groups of smart cabinets in 16 areas such as residential areas, villas and clubs in Beijing, distributing agricultural products to more than 100 consumers on average every day

you can enjoy the convenience of direct supply and direct sales without leaving the community. Do you want to know how to produce the agricultural products you buy? How safe is it? No problem, we have a green resume system that can be traced. Zhao Yuzhong said. Green resume system is a consumer oriented value-added service developed based on green planting intelligent production management service. Consumers log in to the cooperative station, connect with the system, input the bar code or scan the QR code on the agricultural product packaging, and they can understand the complete production process of green vegetables, such as planting enterprise information, agricultural product information, pesticide residue detection information, farming record information, grower information, so as to enhance consumer confidence and establish brand loyalty

more and more growers enjoy the convenience and benefits brought by science and technology: on the one hand, production management investment is reduced, crop pest prevention and control investment is reduced, and agricultural products are safer; On the other hand, with the improvement of product quality and the rise of sales prices, producers will gain more profits. With the advent of the era of IOT, the application of modern technology has gradually freed producers and consumers from the scope of traditional agriculture. Ecological, precise and green agriculture has become the common wealth of people in the future

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