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How can general HD video monitoring products add color to intelligent buildings?

Baoyi center is located in the core position of device D in Hangzhou C mining area. B only adds an oil circuit to the ordinary equipment, with a construction area of more than 160000 square meters. It is a high-end office building. At the beginning of construction, therefore, Baoyi center aims to build a modern intelligent building. Therefore, after deploying advanced access control, office network and other basic management systems, Baoyi Center recently launched the construction of high-definition video monitoring system. At present, the system construction project is also nearing the end

Baoyi center's HD video monitoring system has a total of about 400 monitoring points, covering Baoyi center square, perimeter, stairway, parking lot and other major places, all of which use Kodak safe series general HD network cameras. Among them, Kodak lc211 infrared Mini hemisphere machine, which is famous for its small size and beauty, is mainly used in indoor places such as stairways to realize 24-hour continuous monitoring day and night; With the universality of the gun and its high cost performance, LC210 has become the front end of this system, which ensures that passengers have enough time to escape the most, so as to realize the efficient monitoring of the peripheral perimeter; In addition, the system also uses ipc411 ball machine, ipc112 infrared gun machine and other Kodak HD camera products. The former is mainly used in large areas such as squares and halls, while the latter is mostly deployed in parking lots. In the monitoring center, the system adopts Kodak HD monitoring management platform, storage and decoding equipment deployment, and realizes the unified access management of video resources

it is also reported that as part of the intelligent building management system of Baoyi center, this high-definition video monitoring system will be fully integrated with the existing building access control system and elevator system to provide users with perfect and advanced intelligent management services

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