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Abstract: as a powerful manufacturer of numerical control machine tools, D company's products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also are exported to India, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries. In the past two years, due to the modification of the company's equipment and the launch of new products, it is necessary to find these suppliers who provide new purchased materials

the machine tool industry has been in the dilemma of overcapacity in the past two years, and the industry integration has been accelerating. Among them, many enterprises have fallen into business difficulties. In order to survive and develop in the market, machine tool enterprises must reduce costs and increase efficiency, shorten production cycle, improve product quality and service quality, so as to enhance market competitiveness. These can not be achieved only by the enterprise's own management. We must work together with excellent suppliers to achieve win-win or even multi win. Taking D company as an example, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the supplier selection of machine tool enterprises, and gives answers, hoping to bring enlightenment to readers

summary of supplier selection issues

as a powerful manufacturer of CNC machine tools, company D's products are not only popular in the domestic market, but also exported to India, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries. In the past two years, due to the modification of the company's equipment and the launch of new products, it is necessary to find these suppliers who provide new purchased materials. However, D company has been inefficient in supplier selection. The special friction coefficient tester for the film industry often has complaints from the material demand department and other relevant departments, and the company's overall supply chain management is also hampered by it to a large extent. In fact, this is not just caused by the problems of a certain link, but the accumulation of all problems such as the company's management policy and company process system

◆ problem 1: the company's management policy weakens the purchasing role from top to bottom

the purchasing department is in a weak position in company D. at the same time, the company lacks a perfect supply chain management system, does not promote the purchasing department to the height of strategic management, but overemphasizes the position of the sales department. So that the salesperson can affect the work of other departments. For example, they often designate suppliers, requiring buyers to purchase products from designated suppliers. This undermines the independence of the purchasing department and the compliance process of supplier selection

d company's senior management wishfully believes that supplier selection is the work of the purchasing department and does not need to be undertaken by other departments. However, in reality, supplier selection is a cross departmental and cross cutting work, which requires the support and cooperation of all relevant departments of the company in order to be successfully completed

◆ problem 2: insufficient attention to supplier certification

strengthening supplier certification can timely find out the problems of suppliers and understand their actual situation. This part of work is not only the work of the procurement department, but must be carried out together with other relevant departments

however, the general situation of company D's inspection and certification of suppliers is that the purchasing department organizes relevant departments to go to the supplier's site for on-site inspection, and then all departments cooperate to score and evaluate. However, in the end, only the purchasing department or the colleagues from the quality department carry out field visits, and the relevant process departments, technical departments, and even financial departments are often ignored, which leads to the incompleteness and lack of objectivity of the on-site evaluation of suppliers. Especially in the selection of strategic suppliers, we must examine their technical capacity, process capacity, production capacity, financial status and other aspects, which requires multiple departments to participate in a comprehensive evaluation of the supplier's comprehensive ability

on the other hand, the evaluation of suppliers is too formal - the evaluation and scoring system is too simple and lacks objectivity, and it is unable to effectively quantify the actual situation of suppliers. Moreover, the evaluation system does not require the participants of each department to score independently, but all the participants mix together to score together, and there is no specific person. This kind of unclear evaluation is likely to be influenced by the views of the person in charge of the evaluation, lacking objectivity

◆ problem 3: the problem of supplier selection personnel

the procurement department of company D has clarified the scope of work of each procurement engineer. Its responsibilities are based on product classification, including supplier selection, product ordering, follow-up, supplier quality, supplier service, KPI assessment, invoice payment and other supplier management work of its own products. Most people in the procurement department do not have good supplier selection experience, Their previous procurement work was mainly limited to order processing, supplier KPI assessment and other work

strictly speaking, supplier selection engineers are different from ordinary procurement engineers. They need to have higher quality and experience, because supplier selection is the "key" of the whole supply chain management, which directly determines the later supply chain management work. Only high-quality supplier selection engineers can do this work well

solution to the problem

d machine tool company has many problems in supplier selection so that night vision goggles can see us in the dark. In the final analysis, the company does not operate the enterprise from the perspective of supply chain management, which leads to its supplier selection is still at a relatively low level. To solve the above problems, we must improve from the following aspects

◆ adjust the company's management policy

d company executives need to get out of the misunderstanding that only sales can create value for the enterprise, act as the commander in chief of supplier selection, and use the talent advantages of various departments to support supplier selection, so that the company's assessment of suppliers in terms of technology, quality, etc. is more objective

modern supply chain management concept emphasizes the participation of suppliers in enterprise products. For the assessment of these aspects, the participation of the technology department and Quality Department of company D will make the assessment during the supplier selection more objective and effective. However, these departments are usually not active in the selection of suppliers, because assisting the procurement department is not the main work of these departments. The attitude and participation of the company's top management will undoubtedly play the most critical role in how to involve these departments. At the same time, in order to ensure the continuity of cooperation between technology, quality and other departments in the selection of suppliers, the company's senior management needs to formulate relevant process systems to ensure that this work becomes a performance evaluation index for these departments

the participation of senior management in supplier selection should also include their personal contact with intentional suppliers in the early stage of supplier selection. Because supplier selection is an interactive process between the supplier and the demander, that is to say, the supplier and the demander must establish confidence in each other and establish a channel of mutual trust. The participation of high-level enterprises will make suppliers feel that company D attaches great importance to them and will be more proactive

◆ improve the certification and evaluation of suppliers

first of all, the most feared factor in the investigation and evaluation of suppliers is the dominance of subjective factors, or the leadership decisive factors, so it is impossible to objectively evaluate the actual situation of suppliers, so it is necessary to further clarify the responsibilities of evaluators. Company D should clearly stipulate that all relevant departments must actively support and participate in the supplier selection stage, so that these relevant departments subconsciously clarify that "cooperating with the procurement department in supplier selection is also a part of our work"

secondly, company D needs to increase and refine the content of supplier evaluation, list the evaluation parts of relevant participating departments separately and set weights so that these departments can score separately. It is necessary to prevent all departments from scoring after communicating with each other, so as to further improve the objectivity of supplier evaluation

finally, a considerable part of the problems of suppliers in the certification stage can be attributed to the supply and demand sides, followed by the communication problems of Xi'an Zhongbang titanium biomaterials Co., Ltd., such as the production capacity is not estimated well, the quality standard is not reached a consensus, etc. all these conditions directly lead to the low efficiency of new supplier certification, and even the certification failure, so we must strengthen the effective communication between the supply and demand sides, Enterprises of the two sides should regularly exchange visits to strengthen their understanding of each other's businesses. The supplier selection personnel must do a good job in intermediate contact and communication, so as to promote the supplier's technical, process and quality personnel to effectively communicate with the relevant personnel of the company

for the business communication between the two sides, we must adhere to the principle of the production capacity of sincere polymers such as polylactic acid and polyethylene reaching 2.39 million tons and win-win supply and demand, so as to avoid exaggeration and even deception. In case of any problem, corresponding complaint and reporting channels should be established to avoid the damage to the cooperation interests of both parties caused by any staff for private reasons

◆ improvement of supplier selection personnel

at present, most of the procurement engineers of company d have insufficient experience in supplier selection and lack of business level, which may take some time for them to practice and summarize. If company D re recruits new experienced supplier selection engineers, it may not be effective in the short term, because whether the newly recruited new employees can achieve the strength you want and fully understand the enterprise requires a period of investigation, so there is great uncertainty. Therefore, the most effective way to change the current situation is to directly promote individual procurement engineers

d company's purchasing department has five purchasing engineers, and some of them are qualified to choose engineers from suppliers, but the current work arrangement does not explore and make use of experienced purchasing personnel. It is suggested to decentralize the power of purchasing personnel to avoid corruption. At the same time, according to the expertise of each procurement engineer, the products are allocated to them respectively, and the existing ERP system of the company is used for order processing and supplier management

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