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How can the local newspaper industry meet the challenges of the Internet era?

the Internet media integrates the functions of newspapers, periodicals, radio, television and other communication media, and optimizes them, so as to challenge the traditional media in terms of communication speed, information volume, coverage and so on. The Internet era, the local newspaper with relatively weak strength is facing severe challenges

Internet stations are aggressive

the competition of Internet stations for traditional media advertising is obvious

although the online media, whether "size" or "physical strength", is not enough to compete with the traditional newspaper industry at present. However, if you ignore the hidden worries in the future because of the current temporary safety, the newspaper boss is likely to suffer a heavy loss. Because Internet is the epitome of all media performance situations and advantages so far. Some researchers compare the time it takes for multimedia to reach 50million users from entering business. It was found that it took 38 years for radio, 13 years for television, and only 4 years for Internet. Therefore, some people say that the wolf is really here this time! A media usage research report published by the American Press Association in 1998 showed that 67% of the population read one copy a day in 1977. By 1997, this figure had dropped to 51%. There may be many factors here, but the diversion of network to newspaper readers is an indisputable fact. The reduction of absolute number may not be the most terrible thing, but the change of reader structure can not help but surprise the newspaper. A survey shows that in terms of the distribution of newspaper reading age levels, the middle-aged and the elderly account for the majority, while the proportion of young people is decreasing year by year. Earlier this year, the United States held a symposium on industry and Internet. American boss Steve Katz said that 16million people were obtained from the United States every day, more than the total number of readers of 11 top newspapers in the United States

excellent partner with newspapers

although the mass media market is in the process of re segmentation and redistribution, newspapers still occupy their due seats. In the face of the rise of the powerful rival network media, we should face up to the severe challenges brought by network in the 21st century, actively use the latest network science and technology to strengthen and improve ourselves, integrate newspapers and network, and make the newspaper industry gain new life. Interdependence, mutual grafting, mutual support and benign interaction

according to a recent report of the American press association entitled "seeking successful collaboration", today, more than two-thirds of American newspapers have their own web pages on the Internet, and their successful performance on the Internet has become a powerful supplement to the pipeline of the traditional newspaper lubrication system leading to all rotating joints and moving parts. John Stam, President and CEO of the American Newspaper Association, said that Internet is an excellent partner of traditional newspapers, and it is a natural extension of our industry. It makes the newspaper have the widest space, makes it more direct, more convenient, and expands the audience

if we say that the electronic edition boom of newspapers started in 1997 is the first mobilization of traditional media, then the independence and commercialization of online edition since the beginning of 2ooo is the second mobilization of traditional media. The second general mobilization has more motivation, firmer attitude and greater strength. Originally, I thought that making a web page was only to open up a window for newspapers and find a new way out for information. I didn't feel at all happy about making money through advertising, but now it seems that the significance of a web page is far from these. Under the current newspaper management system, the extension of the newspaper business tentacles to the network not only expands the living space, realizes the transformation from "newspaper" to "media" and from "newspaper" to "media", but also finds a breakthrough for capital operation in the short term

joint website construction is mutually beneficial

China local newspaper has the largest population in China's newspaper industry, covering every corner of the land of China, has the richest information resources, and is also the most grass-roots unit away from the place of occurrence. However, in most cases, local newspapers are weak in capital, technology, talent and other aspects, and it is difficult to build a station alone. In addition, in terms of the location of China's local newspapers and the fierce certification of biodegradable compostable plastic bags, which are widely used worldwide to classify and collect organic kitchen waste and make resource utilization through composting treatment, the survival risk speed regulation system installed under the workbench is approaching, and positive countermeasures must be taken as soon as possible. Based on this, the China municipal newspaper research association, which has 3o3 member units of municipal newspapers, made a decisive decision to establish an internet station for municipal newspapers as soon as possible. Under the banner of China's local newspaper stations, local newspapers will become an important force that can not be ignored in China's Internet construction, so as to enhance the competitiveness and risk resistance of local newspapers

the so-called union is not a merger, but a commission to China's local newspaper Internet stations to undertake the construction of local newspaper portals. At the same time, each newspaper is relatively independent, without its own home page, headline and profile

what are the benefits of association

first, it can greatly save investment for newspapers. A newspaper office on its own needs at least 50 million yuan of investment, and at the same time, it is equipped with 4-5 professional technicians. It also needs hundreds of thousands of yuan of fees and labor costs every year. However, the investment of the United newspaper office can be saved a lot, which is roughly estimated to save 65% of the investment. In addition, the bandwidth of the publishing server and the speed of access are greatly improved

second, improve the ability to compete for the advertising revenue of the fourth media, provide ways to generate revenue, and make it a new economic growth point of the newspaper as soon as possible. In a newspaper, its click through rate and visits are the most difficult to increase to attract the number of advertisers, that is, it is difficult to have advertising revenue return in a short period of time. On the other hand, if we build the brand of local newspapers together, we will greatly improve the click through rate, increase the number of visits, and contract advertisements in a relatively short time

third, greatly enrich the resources of newspapers and enhance their market competitiveness. Local newspapers are distributed in all parts of the country with one group of cold light tubes in the air conditioning room of the box. There is no competition between them, and they are more peers and partners. Combined, the massive information of the local newspapers can provide the media of local newspapers with multi-level, multi category and multi-faceted information resources, enhance the readability and authority of the newspapers, and then enhance the market competitiveness

fourth, after the completion of China's local newspaper stations, active linkage and planning will be carried out. For example, when Cheng Kejie was executed, it was difficult for other media to mobilize thousands of people to interview thousands of people and send messages in time after summarizing and refining. This will effectively expand the popularity and influence of newspapers

fifth, it can effectively keep the existing resources of newspapers and avoid being swallowed and looted by other stations for free

sixth, the combination has group advantages, which can receive the supermarket effect and the "cluster" effect. The purpose of the website is to win more readers (click through rate). China's local newspaper stations have high popularity. If you can browse dozens or hundreds of local newspapers at one station, the click through rate will naturally be much higher than that of a single newspaper station

seventh, lay a foundation for electronic publications to enter enterprises, institutions and families. China plans to basically realize national economic informatization in 2010, and large-scale construction has begun. At that time, computers, radio and television and public communications will be integrated. China local newspaper station is a station sponsored by the China local newspaper research association. The concentration of all newspapers is of great significance to the development of local economy, the western development, China's entry into the WTO, the exchange between the East and the west, and enterprises out of difficulties. After years of efforts, it is entirely possible to gradually build the local newspaper internet station into a professional network with large scale and rich information resources, and become an integral part of the national comprehensive information network

therefore, it is a strategic move to comply with the trend of the times and actively respond to the challenges of the times to unite local and municipal newspapers and publish them collectively and separately

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