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How do measurement instrument manufacturers face market challenges

the development of measurement instruments in China lags behind, there are many problems, and faces a severe situation. The main factors are concentrated in the following four aspects:

first, scientific and technological innovation and the slow progress of industrialization

modern measurement is a highly integrated product of light, machinery, electricity, computers and many basic disciplines, and is very sensitive to new technologies, It is one of the categories of modern industrial products with the application and rapid development of new technologies. A batch of new products are launched every year, especially in today's information age. The competition is becoming increasingly fierce. If you slow down the development speed a little, you will be far behind. Today, having entered the 21st century, the general level of China's measuring instruments and meters is still at the international level in the early 1980s. Large and high-end instruments and equipment almost all rely on imports. Many urgently needed special instruments are still blank, and there are still many difficulties to be overcome in ensuring the quality of medium and low-grade products. The sluggish development of scientific and technological innovation and industrialization is a "bottleneck" that restricts the development of China's measuring instrument industry. There are three main factors that restrict the scientific and technological innovation and development of China's measuring instrument industry: the first is the serious shortage of scientific research funds; The second is the lack of talents; The third is the lack of an effective combination of government, industry, learning, research, integration and employment

second, the stability and reliability of products have not been fundamentally solved for a long time

China's measurement products, including industrial automation instrument systems, communication instruments, etc., although the technical indicators are not far behind similar foreign products, the stability and reliability are not high. It greatly limits the scope of use and credibility of measurement products in China. The reasons are mainly in three aspects:

(1) the quality of domestic general-purpose parts and basic parts is not up to standard

(2) the development of basic technology research has been neglected for a long time

(3) the enterprise has poor quality control and management of products, and the product quality is not up to standard

Third, the old system restricts the development of enterprises

the old system is a common problem that restricts the development of China's economy, especially state-owned enterprises. The instrument industry can also be combined with the unique electronic layer mechanism characteristics of rare earth elements, without exception. A considerable number of enterprises in China are composed of one 2000kN vertical oil cylinder and two horizontal oil cylinders. Due to the long-term constraints of the old system, they can't get rid of the historical burden of students, lose their vitality in market competition, and the production and operation have seriously declined. A large number of backbone enterprises are struggling on the line of life and death. Therefore, accelerating the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry and constantly improving the reform is one of the important ways of development

IV. the development of measuring instrument industry is restricted by the objective environment, which is mainly manifested in:

(1) excessive taxation. Measuring product enterprises are generally small in scale, small in production batches, and low in total output value and economic benefits. However, modern measuring instruments and meters have a huge pulling effect on the national economy and produce incalculable multiplier benefits. For industries with such special attributes, like other industries, 17% value-added tax, 33% income tax and the same proportion of tariffs are too heavy

(2) governments at all levels, including the competent departments of the industry, as well as banking, taxation, industry and Commerce and other departments, have insufficient understanding and support for the development of measurement products industry

(3) lack of procurement policies to support the development of national industries

(4) the capacity of basic industries in China is poor. Including poor product quality, service ability and reputation ability, which directly affects the development of the industry

in order to revitalize the level of scientific and technological innovation and significantly improve the development of industries, the state should jointly formulate necessary supporting policies through consultation by the State Planning Commission, the economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments. Modern metrology integrates a variety of high-tech achievements. To develop modern measuring instruments and meters, we must concentrate excellent talents and invest huge amounts of money. Therefore, a group of large companies with considerable economic strength and famous brands are needed, as leading enterprises, to drive the development of the whole industry. At the same time, we should reform state-owned enterprises as soon as possible and inject new vitality into the development of state-owned enterprises. Because the instrument industry is generally small in scale and has a short history, the "burden" is light, and the product structure is easy to adjust. Therefore, the difficulty of restructuring is relatively small. It is suggested that the state speed up the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and can put forward clear requirements, which will play a positive role in promoting the development of the measurement instrument industry

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