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How food enterprises choose and buy round die cutting machines

about 5 years ago, the carton industry had little understanding of round die cutting machines. As a die-cutting technology in the post press processing of corrugated boxes, it has been paid more and more attention by the carton industry in recent years. In terms of the scope of die cutting, at present, there are no more than three ways used in China, namely, circular flattening die cutting, flat flattening die cutting, and circular flattening die cutting

due to the low efficiency of circular flattening die-cutting, poor die-cutting accuracy, and easy loss of machinery and equipment, it has been phased out, and the manufacturers currently used have been gradually reduced. The traditional tiger mouth type in flat die cutting is still widely used, but the operation equipment is dangerous and inefficient. If you use automatic flat pressing die cutting, the price is too high. The general price is about 700000-1.5 million. Some manufacturers have no strength to buy it, so they still choose to use tiger mouth flat pressing. At present, the domestic carton industry has paid attention to and used the circular die cutting machine. The development of circular die cutting machine in China was first introduced in 1978, and three chain type hard cutting machines were introduced from Japan. In the 1980s and 1990s, due to the high cost of plate making and the limitations of other supporting services, the promotion in China experienced a long process. The advantages and characteristics of the round die-cutting machine are that the die-cutting efficiency is fast, the fastest can reach 140 pieces per minute, the die-cutting accuracy is high, and it can be controlled at the addition or subtraction of 1mm. At the same time, the equipment has the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability, moderate price, long service time of the equipment, etc. For the current die-cutting equipment for post press processing of corrugated boxes, round pressing has become the mainstream. Some experts predicted that the round pressing die-cutting machine will be popularized in China within five years. In this regard, the author provides you with some experience and views on how to choose and buy circular die cutting machine for your reference

the circular die cutting machine realizes die cutting at high speed through the principle of double roll counter pressing. There are three key points to be grasped in selecting a qualified circular die cutting machine. The first is the main configuration of the equipment, the second is the raw materials and processing accuracy used in the manufacturing equipment, and the third is the professional service of the system. Starting from the first point, the configuration of the equipment will determine the progressiveness, practicality and reliability after using the equipment. The circular die cutting machine is composed of three parts: die cutting department, paper feeding department and electrical control department. As far as the die-cutting department is concerned, soft cutting is currently used. The meaning of soft cutting machine is to put a layer of high-strength polyurethane rubber sleeve on the roller

this is mainly conducive to protecting the service life of the die. At present, this kind of high-strength polyurethane rubber sleeve cannot be produced in China, so it is mostly imported from the United States or Taiwan. Therefore, the price is also very expensive. As a very expensive normal consumable, there must be a mechanism to protect and prolong the service life of the rubber sleeve in the configuration of the equipment. The usual configuration is shown as "soft roll automatic repair mechanism". The setting of this configuration is mainly manifested in that the surface of the rubber sleeve will be uneven after long-term use. At this time, the repair mechanism can automatically grind the surface of the rubber sleeve, and the repaired rubber sleeve is intact and can be reused. Generally, it can be repaired 3-4 times, 1-2 mm each time, so as to prolong the reuse rate of the rubber sleeve and improve the service life of the rubber sleeve

in addition, in the selection of rubber sleeves, the quality imported from the United States is better than that imported from Taiwan, but the price also doubles at the same time. As the rubber sleeve is a normal consumable, it must be replaced sooner or later. In addition to the protection of the rubber sleeve by the configuration of the equipment itself, the experience in use is also very important for the protection and extension of the rubber sleeve. Therefore, the author suggests that Taiwan rubber covers with relatively economical price can be selected first, and then the American rubber covers can be replaced after mastering the use experience. In addition, the protective configuration of the rubber sleeve is "left and right lateral movement device of the soft roll". This is mainly manifested in that when the die-cutting machine rotates, the soft roll moves back and forth 40 mm left and right at the same time in the process of rotation. Make the die-cutting knife in different positions every time, so as to avoid the local damage to the rubber sleeve caused by the old cutting in one place

at present, there are mainly two mechanisms for installing this kind of horizontal mobile device in domestic manufacturing. One is the traditional hydraulic station device, which forcibly moves the drum left and right through the principle of hydraulic pull; There is also a mechanical mechanism. At present, more mechanical structures are used, mainly through the speed ratio of the upper and lower rollers, and through the cam to control the movement of the soft roller. The advantage of this mechanism is that because of the speed ratio control, the moving speed of the soft roller is determined according to the speed of the equipment. When the soft roll is repaired, there will be a problem. The diameter of the soft roll becomes smaller, and the linear speed of the soft roll also changes. This change will lead to such a result, the same die, the same product, but after die cutting, the size becomes smaller. A person in the carton industry once asked for help on why the size of the same product was unknowingly reduced. It was not found until it was returned when it was delivered, which caused serious economic losses to the company

therefore, at the beginning of cutting, the circular die must be equipped with "automatic compensation device for speed difference". At present, there are three ways of this device in China. One is the speed difference equalizer, which is too expensive; One is surface speed compensation by using clutch, which is economical and practical; Another is to replace the gear. Every time the soft sleeve is repaired, the gear will be replaced. It is very troublesome and the compensation is not accurate. The main configuration of the die-cutting part is these four points, soft roll automatic repair mechanism, speed difference automatic compensation device, imported soft cutting rubber sleeve, soft roll horizontal moving device

as for the paper feeding part, the circular die cutting machine is divided into adsorption automatic paper feeding and chain manual paper feeding. Another paper feeding method is the relatively high-end leading-edge paper feeding system. Adsorption automatic paper feeding has the advantages of high die-cutting precision and fast efficiency, which is suitable for mass production of various watermark cartons; The chain type paper feeding is mainly to solve the die cutting of offset printing covered cartons

because there are errors in the overlaying process of offset printing cartons, and cardboard bending will occur at the same time, the use of chain paper feeding can solve these problems, so manufacturers should fully consider the reorder of products when choosing equipment. As for the technology of cutting-edge paper feeding system, it mainly comes from abroad. At present, the domestic grasp of this technology is not mature, but some manufacturers have begun to develop and produce this technology. The progressiveness of the cutting-edge paper feeding system is mainly reflected in its faster efficiency, up to 200 pieces of paper per minute, and high die-cutting accuracy, plus or minus 0.5mm. At the same time, paper can be delivered smoothly for cartons with watermark and offset printing

the configuration of the paper feeding part also includes the adjustment of the paper feeding phase and the adjustment of the paper feeding size. Whether these configurations are manual or electric, the impact on the equipment is not too important. Finally, in terms of the configuration of electrical appliances, because the round pressing is not a very complex equipment, it does not need to be very complex and precise in electrical appliances. It is simple and practical to achieve production goals. Therefore, in terms of electrical control, it is mainly shown in the control of the main motor. At present, the main motor of most equipment adopts electromagnetic speed regulation motor, but choosing frequency conversion speed regulation will make the operation of the equipment more stable and save power at the same time

as for the raw materials and processing accuracy used in manufacturing equipment, it is crucial for a qualified die-cutting machine. The reason why printing machines like Roland and Heidelberg can maintain the same quality for decades, in addition to the progressiveness in technical design, largely depends on the selection of raw materials and the accuracy of processing

first of all, let's start with the die-cutting roller for round pressing. The wall thickness of the die-cutting roller must not be less than 30 mm. At the same time, the material of the roller must reach 45 steel, and its hardness must reach more than 60 degrees after quenching and tempering. At the same time, the processing accuracy requires balance correction, surface grinding, and hard chromium plating. For the wallboard of the die-cutting machine, it is as important as the foundation of the building. All parts are installed on the basis of the wallboard. Therefore, the processing accuracy of the wallboard will determine the installation accuracy of the equipment. Generally, the thickness of the wallboard should not be less than 50mm. It is best to select the machining center to make it, so as to ensure the overall structure and installation accuracy of the equipment

as for the gear transmission system, it directly determines the long-term and stable operation of a device. Therefore, the gear material and processing accuracy are divided into many levels, and the price gap is even greater, so as to realize the intellectualization of production. After quenching, ordinary steel gears can generally reach grade 8, with a service life of about 5 years. The material of advanced transmission gear is 40Cr. After surface grinding, the hardness can reach 60-65 degrees. The service life of 10 years is no problem. The raw materials of an equipment are divided into processed parts and standard parts. In the use of standard parts, they must be produced by regular famous brand manufacturers to ensure the normal use of the equipment

as for the service of professional system, the first thing to choose a device is whether the manufacturer is professional, because each manufacturer has its own technical field and fist products. Professional manufacturing can guarantee professional quality, create high-quality products, and be the final winner in this field. As for service, it is divided into supporting service and after-sales service. Manufacturers with complete supporting services can provide customers with extra value-added help. Such as the relevant consumables and plate making accessories of the circular die cutting machine, etc. These are reflected in the use cost after purchasing the equipment. For after-sales service, I think it is not only a responsibility, but also a morality. One such thing happened in my company. A Dalian customer didn't order our products for various reasons. Less than half a year after purchasing the same products from other companies, the machine failure became higher and higher, but the seller's manufacturer didn't have anyone to repair it. Seeing that the equipment couldn't work normally and the products couldn't be produced, the customer was in a hurry and couldn't help my company, The company will immediately organize experts to conduct comprehensive maintenance of the equipment after knowing it. The equipment is running normally, and the customer is also very moved. So service is not only a duty, but also a morality and spirit. Choosing a manufacturer with good after-sales service can make you worry free

finally, it is suggested that enterprises should fully consider the production demand and equipment investment budget when selecting equipment. At present, the price of a round die cutting machine ranges from 30000 to 300000 yuan. Choosing an ideal equipment can not only depend on the price, but also on the performance. Within the scope allowed by your budget, choose the best performance in the same price area and the cheapest price in the same performance area. This is the concept of cost performance

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