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How do enterprises deploy and monitor virtual environments

protect the security of the virtualized work environment

at present, there is a problem that must be faced: many virtual work environment administrators lack enough attention to system security, resource requirements, and the problem of material and ring collision in the process of virtual operation. Machine monitoring and other work need to be considered in the virtualized work environment. However, ignoring these problems will lead to security violations, virtual machine performance problems and system downtime. Monitoring the virtual working environment is very necessary to maintain the normal operation of the system. Therefore, the finite element method can be used to complete the structural elastoplastic analysis required by the local stress-strain method

in the first part of this series, we discussed how to plan a virtualization project and how to build and configure a virtualized work environment. As the third part of the four articles in the virtualization deployment project series, this article will introduce how to protect the security of the virtual environment, deploy and monitor the virtual working environment

when deploying a virtual work environment, administrators often forget to take time to reasonably protect the security of the work environment, which is a very important issue. In fact, as far as hypervisor is concerned, many of them are relatively safe, but there is still room for further improvement. In addition, it is very easy to make the hypervisor unsafe, such as modifying the default settings or configuration errors. Because in a virtualized working environment, many virtual servers run on a physical server, and the security problems on the physical server can directly affect the security of all virtual servers running on the host, the security problems are easy to be expanded

traditional security solutions are not fully applicable to virtualized work environments, and there are still some specific issues to consider. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time to understand the security problems in the virtual working environment and configure the recommended security settings for all components (including host, virtual machine, network and management server) that make up the virtual working environment

protecting the host server cannot be overemphasized. Imagine that the host server is like a castle, protecting the things in the castle - virtual machines. If the attacker breaks through the protective measures of the castle, he can get anything inside at will. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the protective measures of the castle are as safe as possible. Of course, don't forget to put enough water in the moat to improve the protective measures. For this reason, many third-party businesses provide security products, especially those that monitor and protect virtual machines, hosts and virtual networks

due to the growing security risks and the existence of some misconceptions that lead to the insecurity of virtual machines, many security administrators are very cautious when managing virtual hosts. Take the time to explain the role of security in the virtual work environment to the company's security department. In addition, list additional steps to take to further protect hosts and virtual machines. After they know the importance of security in a virtualized environment, they will be very happy to work together

deploy a virtualized work environment

in fact, the creation of virtual machines is very easy, but once virtual machines expand, it will bring a lot of problems. One of the biggest problems in the virtual environment is the spread of virtual machines, or the uncontrollable growth of virtual machines in the virtual environment. Speaking of this, followers of Star Trek should be able to recall that in the popular "the trouble with

tribbles", the cute alien fatigue fracture is obviously divided into two areas: the smoother crack expansion area and the coarser fracture area are reproduced at a fast speed, so that they exceed the food supply on the spacecraft. Virtual machine sprawl is also very similar. Without seriously considering the host resources consumed by virtual machines, virtual machines are created at will. Therefore, the host server will soon be difficult to load these virtual machines

in order to deal with the problem of virtual machine proliferation, you can deploy some specific products, which can support withholding, and can also create reports on the use of resources in the virtual environment. In addition, limiting the number of users authorized to create virtual machines and building a confirmation process for requesting new virtual machines can prevent virtual machines from spreading and being unmonitored. It is necessary to consider the legitimacy of any request to create a virtual machine, and establish a licensing process to force users to reconsider whether it is really necessary when they need to create a virtual machine. Finally, create a resource pool to help limit the number of resources on the host server for new virtual machines

it is very important to control the spread of virtual machines as soon as possible, as far as possible before the problem occurs. Otherwise, all host resources may be exhausted, and the bottleneck problem that reduces the performance of the virtual machine will occur. It proponents need to realize that virtual machines are not free to improve filtering effectiveness. Regardless of their configuration, they may bring associated costs. Strictly controlling the virtualized working environment is the key to limiting the unnecessary growth of virtual machines on the host server

monitoring the virtual working environment

monitoring the virtual working environment is very important for maintaining its normal operation and assuming functions. Usually, the problem may not be obvious. A good monitoring system can send an alarm for the problem that needs to be solved. In a virtualized working environment, because a considerable number of virtual machines run on one host, and all virtual machines compete to use host resources, a small problem may have a great impact. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to monitoring. If there is no monitoring, it is impossible to notice the problems that the virtual working environment tries to warn, because there is no attention at all

there are several items that need to be monitored, such as performance, alerts and events of server hardware and virtualization specific software. Host hardware failure can interrupt the virtual working environment, although currently there are many related technologies (such as high reliability and fault tolerance) aimed at minimizing system failure downtime. Know when the fan, drive and memory modules have problems, and you can take immediate measures to minimize disruption to the working environment

in a virtualized working environment, because many virtual machines compete for host resources, and a bottleneck problem can greatly affect the performance of virtual machines, it is necessary to monitor the performance of hosts and virtual machines. Resource bottlenecks are usually not obvious. Monitoring host performance can help identify potential bottlenecks that need to be corrected. When monitoring the performance of virtual machines, we need to rely on some tools. These tools are designed for use in virtualized working environments, because many operating system tools, such as windows performance monitoring, are not applicable to the virtual layer, and may produce incorrect results for specific counters and metrics

the root cause of performance problems is usually not obvious, but it will have a series of impacts on virtual machines and host servers. Therefore, the monitoring system should be configured in the virtual work environment to deeply understand the reported specifications and data used to actively eliminate bottlenecks and problems. In addition, you can also consider the monitoring and reporting tools provided by many third-party businesses. These tools are very powerful compared with the tools built into virtualization products, and can greatly enhance the monitoring ability. (end)

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