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How did the matching robot in 2018 go against the trend in the cold spring of the industry

the space robot has become popular in 2018, and its position in the domestic six axis robot is self-evident. Through the accumulation of technology and the core technical advantages of independent software and hardware, it shows the advantages of rolling grade in the accuracy, speed, stability and safety of the robot. This year, even more, breakthroughs have been made frequently in products, technology and sales. The industry says 2018 is the first year of the explosion of space robot, 10 When you need to do the second and third experiments, let's see what happened in 2018 of the matching day

the 2018

independent research and development of the matching robot, and new products are coming out one after another

on July 4, the matching robot launched a new product "multi station operation expert air6l". On the basis of maintaining the original advantages of 6kg load air6, the arm span is expanded to 920mm, and the movement speed is improved to meet the applications requiring higher working range and speed of the robot, such as the multi station operation in the 3C field and the small parcel sorting and stacking process in the logistics industry, At present, it has been sold in large quantities

on September 19, the "second generation drive control integrated control system arccd20" was launched, with a volume of only 26L. It has a compact design, higher power density, more efficient heat dissipation scheme, high usability and high stability

on September 19, the desktop robot air3 was launched. Its exquisite speed and lightweight fuselage design became the highlight of the press conference. Air3 integrates the best technology in terms of speed, precision and other performance at the present stage

therefore, in 2018, the layout of six axis robots in the 3C application field was basically completed. The desktop robot swift series is rich in three products: air3, air6 and air6l

swift desktop robot series was born

algorithm breakthrough - faster and more stable operation

in order to improve the motion speed of the robot, the research and development team of matching sky continued to work hard, and through algorithm optimization and optimal beat trajectory planning technology, the motion efficiency of each axis of the robot can be brought into full play, and the speed, acceleration, driving force, etc. of each joint can be limited, so as to complete the required path faster and more stably, Ensure the optimal beat of any trajectory and maximize the performance of the robot

a. a more advanced trajectory planning algorithm

absolute path keeping (path ‐ invariant)

the absolute path keeping of the space robot is now comparable to ABB's truemove through algorithm optimization

original algorithm: low speed and high speed exit paths are different

improved algorithm: the path out at low speed and high speed is the same, which prevents collision caused by path change during high-speed operation after low-speed teaching. Let the robot remain stable at a higher running speed

time optimal

the improved speed planning algorithm optimizes the acceleration according to the dynamic constraints, so as to achieve a shorter beat, while ensuring that the smooth transition section maintains a uniform speed, meeting the requirements of grinding, arc welding and other processes

advanced plan

100 continuous 1mm line segments, without speed forward-looking, the expected speed can only reach 25mm/s. With speed forward-looking, there is no need to reduce the speed to zero at the end of each interpolation, which greatly reduces the frequent changes of acceleration, so that the machine can further point out that human movement is more stable and reliable, so as to shorten the beat and achieve a higher expected speed

b. swing trajectory algorithm

has rich swing functions to meet the requirements of arc welding and grinding processes

c. singularity avoidance algorithm

when the path passes through the wrist singularity (the wrist singularity refers to the point where the 5 axis is 0 degrees. At this time, the robot 4 and 6 axes are parallel, and one degree of freedom will be lost), the original algorithm will alarm and cannot pass. The newly added axis interpolation and path interpolation can be switched in real time to realize singularity avoidance under the condition of constant path

enter the robot education industry

since 2018, space robot has been carrying out various long-term cooperation with major universities and scientific research institutions, including teaching practice, student internship, lectures and training, project subject cooperation, etc. This year, Futian robot provided equipment and technical support for the "Anhui Industrial robot technology application skills competition" and developed "robot technology training platform ARTP (AE robot training platform accounted for 3.57%, 3.98% and 3.42% of operating revenue in the same period respectively)" for the competition, which is the beginning of officially entering the industrial robot education industry

the ARTP technology training platform is close to practical application, and the system has complete functions to meet the training needs

adopt modular design to facilitate secondary development

the training content includes: robot installation, wiring, programming and debugging, troubleshooting, visual technology application, offline simulation technology application, etc

and in December this year, Futian robot became "the first batch of cooperative members of the education and training expert consultation and textbook Committee of China robot industry alliance"

go hand in hand, Qi guayun fan jicanghai

due to the large increase in orders, coupled with the extension of the supply cycle of foreign gear reducers, in order to expand the scale, improve the robot production capacity, and prepare for the sharp increase in orders in 2018, Space robots further promote close cooperation with upstream and downstream

at the beginning of 2018, Pt robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with green harmonic to purchase nearly 10000 harmonic reducers from green harmonic

in June, 2018, poten robot and orange automation signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out long-term and in-depth cooperation in the development of cooperative robots and machine vision, and jointly promote the development of domestic robots in the field of 3C

in September, 2018, Pt robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai jiqilin, that is, the procurement project of 200 industrial robots, and officially joined the supplier system of jiqilin, aiming to take this cooperation as an opportunity to open up a new situation for business development

Pt robot actively carries out in-depth cooperation with its upstream, middle and downstream partners in the industrial chain, including core component suppliers, intelligent component suppliers, top-level designers of smart factories, industry solution integrators, etc

Suo Liyang, deputy general manager of poten robot, stressed that there are nearly 200 integrators cooperating with poten at present, including grinding, assembly, processing, handling in 3C industry, loading and unloading in machining industry, laser cutting, arc welding, polishing, grinding, handling and palletizing in furniture, ceramics and sanitary ware industry, packaging, handling and palletizing in food and beverage industry, training in education industry, event services, etc

the outbreak in the late spring cold has made a breakthrough in market performance

as the industry media said, 2018 is the first year of the outbreak of space robots. With the coming of the "late spring cold" in the industry, the polarization is obvious, especially under the situation of the weak development of 3C industry in the second half of the year, Butian robot broke out in this year. In the second half of the year, it still received large orders, but the sales volume increased greatly. It is reported that Butian robot has more than 8 customers with more than 100 sets this year

it can be seen that the mating robot is on the rise in this round of competition. Let's wait and see the performance of mating robot next year

speaking of this, the breakthroughs and performances of the supporting robot this year also remind me of their three persistence tactics: "insisting on technology as king", "insisting on high-end products" and "insisting on serving customers"

2019 enter the subdivided industries and the field of collaborative robots

2019 in terms of the richness of the product line, matchday will develop special industrial robots for the industry, including arc welding robots, explosion-proof robots, etc., and enter the field of collaborative robots, while further improving the industry software function package. In addition, Pt robot will strengthen cooperation with industrial big data companies to explore the application of industrial big data in robot risk prediction, process optimization, intelligent monitoring and other aspects to ensure product, engineering quality and personal safety

please look forward to the 2019 Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, and the new products "arc welding robot air6arc and cooperative robot acr5 Moki" will be released by Futian robot

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