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Model text of civil ruling (for lifting property preservation)

×××× People's court

civil ruling

( ××××)× civil × The word is harmonious, communicating and exchanging ×× No.

plaintiff (or applicant)... (indicate the basic information such as name or title)

defendant (or respondent)... (indicate the basic information such as name or title)

our hospital in ×××× year ×× month ×× Made on( ××××)× civil × Zi di ×× The ruling of property preservation

is now due to... (state the reasons for the cancellation of property preservation). According to the provisions of... (specify the technical conditions of torsional shear high strength bolt connection pair for steel structures gb/t 3632 ~ 3633-1995>, which is the basis of the ruling), the ruling is as follows: 14. The foundation bolt

is relieved ××× Of... (specify the name, quantity or amount of the property, etc.) (or seizure, freezing, etc.)

presiding judge ×××

judge ×××

judge ×××

×××× year ×× month ×× Japan

(the technical difficulty of poly amino acid biological preparation printed by the hospital)

this document is verified to be the same as the original

clerk ×××

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