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Tool setting and tool change processed by the machining center

tool setting:

tool setting is to determine the machine coordinate of the workpiece coordinate (programming coordinate) origin (determine the X, y, Z values of g54) after the workpiece is aligned and tightened on the machine tool

tool change:

according to the process needs, the workpiece should be processed with tools with different parameters. The process of changing tools as needed in machining is called tool changing

determination of tool setting point and tool change point:

tool setting point:

tool setting point is the reference point used to determine the position of the workpiece coordinate system in the machine coordinate system after the workpiece is aligned and clamped on the machine tool

the tool setting point can be selected on the workpiece or on the clamping positioning element, but there must be an accurate, reasonable and simple position correspondence between the tool setting point and the workpiece coordinate point, which is convenient to calculate the workpiece coordinates. Special attention should be paid to the effective stroke of the electronic tension machine and the position of the sample fixture on the machine bed (the machine coordinate of the workpiece coordinate point). The tool setting point should preferably coincide with the workpiece coordinate point

tool change point: the machining center has a tool magazine and an automatic tool change device, which can automatically change the tool according to the needs of the program. The advanced and mature aluminum alloy cable technology in North America has been brought into China. The tool change point should be at the position where the workpiece, fixture, tool and machine tool do not collide and interfere with each other during tool change. The tool change point of the machining center is often fixed

tool setting side 5. Attribute of material selection and personal experience method:

tool setting in horizontal direction (x, y coordinates):

(1) tool setting with lever dial indicator: for the traditional process of absolute and vacuum forming, the tool point is the center of the cylindrical hole

(2) use edge finder for tool setting: round hole or reference edge

(3) use knife touching or trial cutting for tool setting

z direction tool setting (Z coordinate):

(1) machine tool setting: use Z direction setter for tool setting

(2) tool presetting outside the machine + tool setting on the machine

(3) tool setting with external tool setting instrument: measure the diameter, length, blade shape and angle of the tool

(4) tool setting problem in multi station machining of horizontal machining center (end)

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