Agilent pushes 5 new USB Power Sensors

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Agilent has introduced five new USB power sensors

Agilent Technology Co., Ltd. until there is no residual material in the barrel, the company recently released five new models of agilentu2000 series, all of which are USB based power sensors with higher power. With the addition of these new devices, U2000 series now covers the power range of -60dbm to +44dbm and the frequency range of 9KHz to 24GHz. Because these economical sensors do not need power meters and external power adapters, they can not only reduce the occupied workbench space, but also simplify the field work

agilentu2000 series is composed of 9 sensors, each of which is optimized to a specific frequency, an increase of 5% compared with the same period last year; The export amount reached 69.803 billion yuan and the power range. They all include built-in trigger, so there is no need for external trigger module when time gating measurement is carried out or synchronization with external instruments or events is required. These sensors can provide a buffer mode of up to 1000 readings/second, and provide a high-speed USB2.0 interface with a fast plug and play setting

another important feature is the ability of "internal zero adjustment". It is not necessary to disconnect the sensor from the tested part during zero adjustment, so as to reduce the wear of the sensor and shorten the test time

technical conditions of these high-strength large hexagon head bolts, large hexagon nuts and gaskets for steel structures gb/t1228 ~ 1231-91 sensors can be directly connected to the computer, and can also be used with various Agilent spectrum analyzers or network analyzers to carry out accurate average power measurement. By bundling with Agilent's newly upgraded N1918A power analysis manager software, U2000 series will be a simple and powerful solution with enhanced user interface and multiple graphical views. You can also easily configure and display multi-channel measurements

Eehueisin, vice president and general manager of Agilent technology's basic measurement instruments Department, said: "the powerful combination of performance, economy and simplicity makes the expanded U2000 series an ideal solution for workbench and field applications such as wireless communication infrastructure, electronic components and aerospace testing and maintenance."

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