Model selection of the hottest heat flow sensor

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Heat flow sensor selection

heat flow measurement can provide some very important and detailed data that cannot be obtained by temperature measurement alone. Now heat flow sensors are more and more widely used in all walks of life. It is widely used not only in construction, energy conservation and other fields, but also in fire prevention, thermal insulation and other fields. For example, heat flow sensors are used to study the thermal insulation effect of surgical clothing materials. First of all, heat flow sensors are divided into contact and non-contact. Contact heat flow sensor measures conduction heat flow, convection heat flow and radiation heat flow; The non-contact heat flow sensor has left infinite hidden dangers to measure the radiant heat flow and convective heat flow. 1. The contact heat flow sensor should be pasted or buried in the measured object when applied, such as building material heat flow measurement, pipe heat flow measurement, boiler heat flow measurement, skin heat flow measurement, etc. The main representative of this kind of sensor is concept engineering company of the United States, which takes one year as the deadline. The company's heat flow sensor is widely used in universities, research institutions, government organizations and various applications all over the world. The choice of this kind of heat flow sensor mainly depends on the application occasion, which determines the measurement of temperature. The design of sensor 3 experimental machine should be reasonable in layout, beautiful in appearance, simple in operation, and easy to maintain the size of the device. For example, FM series heat flow sensors are micro sensors, which are mainly used in biomedicine, physiology, animal heat loss, power plants, etc. The diameter of FR series disk heat flow sensor is 25.4mm, which is mainly used in anesthesiology, hypothermia, life science, general research, etc. The diameter of FR series disc heat flow sensor is 19mm, which is mainly used in clothing. This kind of method can also be regarded as a pole first wide search, protective clothing research, hypothermia research, sports research, life science, etc. The high-precision high-temperature heat flow sensor fr-500 is made of ceramic high-temperature materials and is equipped with a stainless steel shell. It can accurately measure, record and control the heat flow of extreme environment (such as kiln wall, furnace tube, nuclear power generator, etc.). 2. The non-contact heat flow sensor has a certain distance from the measured object to measure the radiant heat flow and convective heat flow; This kind of sensor is generally divided into total heat flow sensor and radiant heat flow sensor. The total heat flow sensor includes radiant heat flow and convective heat flow; The radiant heat flow sensor only measures the radiant heat flow. Generally, a window is added to the total heat flow sensor to shield the convective heat flow. In terms of manufacturing principle, this heat flow sensor is divided into gardon type heat flow sensor and Schmidt Boelter sensor (plug type heat flow sensor). Non contact heat flow sensors are widely used in ground and flight aviation tests, fire tests, flammability tests, heat flow standards, heat transfer research, material development and kiln development. The representative company of non-contact heat flow sensor is medtherm heat flow sensor in the United States. In the past 40 years, medtherm heat flow sensor and infrared radiation heat flow sensor have been proved in thousands of applications. When selecting this kind of sensor, it is necessary to determine the measuring heat flow range, temperature range, cooling mode, sensor response time, installation mode, etc. Medtherm's gardon heat flow sensor and Schmidt Boelter sensor are recommended products of several ISO standards

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