Model selection reference of the hottest tower cra

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For the selection of tower crane, refer to

in general, the range of tower crane is determined only by the lifting capacity and amplitude of tower crane during loading. The professional technicians responsible for the construction equipment of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. who have been doing experimental machines for so many years should recommend economic, reasonable and scientific optimized products when selecting models

first, decide what type of lifting machinery to choose according to the height, width, length, construction site and other factors of the building. It is mainly considered from two aspects:

(1) it is considered from the maximum weight of finished components of the project under construction and the maximum lifting capacity of the tower crane

(2) consider the range of tower crane from the height, floor area and building shape of the project under construction


In this way, the tower crane can not only meet the special requirements, but also reduce the cost. In general, in 2010, the German automotive industry alone used 200000 tons of natural fiber reinforced composite monomer residential buildings, using fixed tower cranes below 400kN m; Tower cranes above 400kN m are selected for high-rise buildings; Tower cranes of 800KN m or above or internal climbing tower cranes are selected for super high-rise buildings. Special considerations for special buildings

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