Modernization of packaging management

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Modernization of packaging management

I. about packaging modulus

packaging modulus is a regulation on the standardization of basic packaging dimensions and the selection of series dimensions

when the standard of packaging modulus is determined, when the short plate of endurance mileage needs to be supplemented urgently, all kinds of products entering the circulation field need to be packaged according to the size specified by the modulus. After packaging according to the modulus, all kinds of packaged goods can be combined at will according to certain regulations, which is conducive to the integration of small packages and the packing and loading of containers and pallets. If the packaging module can be unified with the size module of warehouse facilities and transportation facilities, it is also conducive to transportation and storage, which will not only rationalize the packaging field, but also rationalize the whole logistics system. Therefore, the problem of packaging modulus is the basic problem of logistics modernization

the standardization of packaging module size has certain limitations. Most industrial products, especially bulk and general goods, can realize the standardization of packaging. Some products, such as long and special-shaped products, which cannot be packaged according to the module size, can be treated individually

II. Large scale and containerization of packaging

large scale and containerization of packaging are very conducive to the mechanization of the logistics system in the process of loading, unloading, handling, storage, etc., which is conducive to accelerating the operation speed of these links, thus accelerating the speed of the whole logistics process, reducing unit packaging, saving packaging costs of packaging materials, and also conducive to cargo protection. It can be considered that in order to realize the mechanization and automation of logistics process and improve logistics efficiency, the large-scale and container packaging is indispensable. It is a kind of heat insulation material with a wide range of adaptability

when adopting large-scale and containerized methods, we should also consider the combination of large-scale packaging and containerized transportation packaging and sales. The method is to make the industrial packaging of individual goods with large-scale packaging and containerized realize commercial packaging, that is, due to the protective effect of large-scale packaging and containerized packaging, individual goods can omit individual industrial packaging and make it commercial packaging. After taking it out of large-scale packaging or containerized packaging, It can become a sales unit without removing industrial packaging and has the effect of promoting sales

III. repeated and repeated use of packaging and disposal of waste packaging

the packaging industry is now one of the important industries in the world, accounting for 5% of the national economy in some countries. Such a large industry consumes a lot of resources, so resource recycling: cascade utilization and resource recycling are important topics in the modernization of packaging field

in this regard, there are many effective management measures:

1. General packaging

corrugated paper, paperboard, wood and plastic general-purpose outer packaging boxes are manufactured according to the standard module size. This kind of packaging box does not need to be specially arranged for return. Because of its strong versatility, it can be used for other packaging wherever it is landed

2. Turnover packaging

for products with a certain quantity and scale and relatively fixed supply and circulation channels, the method of transferring to use can be adopted, said Jin Xiaofeng, director of the testing department of the weekly inspection center

3. Cascade utilization

the packaging after one use can be used for other purposes after use or simply treated after use. If the corrugated box is partially damaged, cut it into smaller cardboard to make a small box, or use the cardboard for lining. Some packages are designed to be multi-purpose, and other functions can be used after one use. For example, the packaging designed as a water cup can be used after use, which makes the resource utilization more full and reasonable

4. Recycling

the waste packaging is recycled, converted to other uses or made into new materials. For example, recycled plastics made from waste packaging plastics

Fourth, developing new packaging materials and packaging appliances

using various composite technologies and packaging container technologies to develop new packaging materials and containers is an important part of modernization. The main trend in this regard is the high functionality of packaging materials, using fewer materials to achieve a variety of packaging functions

v. the development trend of packaging management in the era of network economy

1. Due to the rise of e-commerce and the development of e-commerce, people can search all the information about commodities through the Internet, which is far better than the promotional effect of traditional packaging using commercial packaging. Therefore, it can be predicted that with the development of e-commerce, the function of packaging and promotion will gradually weaken, and the field of promotional packaging will be greatly narrowed

2. The "door-to-door" logistics system formed by multi-modal transportation in the form of containerization has a good protection function, and because the multi-modal transportation method cancels many loading and unloading and handling activities on the way, the protective packaging of goods will also be gradually weakened, and the protective packaging will be reduced as far as possible, which can reduce the weight and volume of goods, Thus, the space of container can be fully utilized and the efficiency can be greatly improved. Therefore, with the development of large-scale containerization and networking, the function of commodity protective packaging will gradually decline

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