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General contractor (Party A):____________________________

address:____________ Postal code____________

legal representative:____________ Position____________

subcontractor (Party B):____________________________

address:____________ Postal code____________

legal representative:____________ Position____________

in accordance with the contract law of the people's Republic of China, the implementation measures for general subcontracting of construction and installation projects issued by the Ministry of construction, and ×× Municipal People's Government ×× According to the relevant provisions of Document No. 1, both parties have reached an agreement through consultation to sign this contract and seriously implement it

Article 1 project

I. project name:________________

II. Project location:________________

III. Project No.:_________ Construction Permit No.:_______ Business license No.:_______

1. Before Jinan assaying experiment, according to the requirements of strike energy

IV. scope and quantities of subcontracted works (with budget)

v. duration of subcontracted works________ Year____ Month____ Start on the day________ Year____ Month____ Completion date

VI. labor cost of subcontracting project________ Yuan

VII. Type of work and number of people invested by Party B________ People

Article 2 project settlement

according to the subcontracted project 8. Speed accuracy:: ± 0.5%; Project, living expenses in advance in the first month, per person according to the number of contract____ It is calculated that it will be deducted at the settlement of next month. During the construction of the project, it will be pre settled according to the accepted quantities completed in the current month (the range shall not exceed 80% of the completed quantities). After the completion of the project, it will be settled after the joint acceptance of Party A and Party B

Article 3 project quality

Party A shall carry out technical disclosure and organize acceptance according to the national quality acceptance specifications and evaluation standards. Party B shall carefully organize the construction according to the requirements of the construction drawings and instructions to ensure the project quality. If the quality does not meet the standards, it must be reworked and repaired, and the loss of labor and material costs shall be borne by Party B; If the quality of the project is poor and cannot be saved, Party B shall be responsible for compensating all the material losses

Article 4 work safety 1. Party A shall make safety disclosure to the project undertaken by Party B, put forward clear safety requirements, and conduct supervision and inspection. Party B must carefully implement the rules and regulations related to safe construction, strictly abide by the safety operation procedures, and the safety production facilities provided by Party A can only be used after passing the inspection. In case of casualty accidents due to violation of the above provisions during the construction, Party B shall be responsible for the losses

II. Labor protection articles and live working tools for personal use during construction, such as insulating gloves and rubber boots, shall be solved by Party B. If Party B has difficulties, it can put forward a need plan and Party A will assist in solving it

III. during the construction process, Party B shall be responsible for the fire accidents caused by Party B's violation of fire control regulations and laws

Article 5 life management

I. after Party B's workers enter the site, Party A shall provide accommodation conditions and main cooking utensils (cauldrons, cages, hair dryers, large panels) to Party B. In case of damage or loss, Party B shall make compensation according to the price. Small sporadic appliances shall be provided by Party B, and domestic coal shall be provided by Party A in a fixed amount

II. Party B shall take care of the food and oil needed for daily life. Party A shall provide convenience in medical treatment and sanitation. If Party B's workers have diseases, they can seek medical treatment in Party A with the signature and consent of their responsible person, and the medical expenses shall be paid by Party B on a monthly basis

Article 6 unit price of labor cost of subcontracting project

I. subcontracting of unit project, each budgeted working day is________ Yuan. The labor cost per square meter is lump sum____ Yuan

II. The subcontracting of inner eave plastering to achieve high quality is________ Yuan. The budget man days that meet the requirements are________ Yuan. Implement sub item labor cost lump sum per square meter________ Yuan

III. The estimated working days of individual subcontracting stone and earthwork are________ Yuan

IV. Qinggong provides integrated solutions for industry customers. Every working day is________ Yuan

v. the working days of full-time shutdown, waiting for materials, water supply, power failure and cleaning are________ Yuan

VI. water, electricity, heating and sanitation works, per budgeted working day (subcontracted by building number)________ Yuan

VII. Work days with work efficiency reduced by 10% during winter construction (from December 1 to the end of February). The unit price per working day is________ Yuan

VIII. Subcontracting project cost schedule (items 1 to 7 can be listed)

Article 7 material supply management

Party B shall assign a special person to handle the quota picking procedures for cement, steel, commodity components, hardware, linoleum, asphalt, water, electricity, heating, sanitation and other special materials from Party A. Party B shall cooperate with the construction in strict accordance with the quality requirements and materials provided by Party A. Party B shall bear the waste of materials and unreasonable excess of the limit during construction. During the construction, Party B shall use materials according to the stack (pile), so as to ensure daily use and cleaning, and keep the site clean after the completion of the work

Article 8 construction machines and tools

first, Party A shall be responsible for large-scale tools to ensure the use needs

II. Party B shall be responsible for manual operation of tools

III. Party B shall take good care of the machines and tools supplied by Party A. in case of loss or damage, Party B shall be responsible for compensation

IV. the small and medium-sized machinery required for construction shall be equipped by Party A according to the construction scheme. One machine shall be equipped with a driver to ensure the normal construction of Party B. Party B is not allowed to operate the equipment without authorization (the self-contained machinery shall be handled according to the relevant regulations)

Article 9 on site management I. Party A and Party B shall strictly abide by all on-site management systems, organize the construction under the unified leadership of Party A's on-site person in charge, and both parties shall closely cooperate in relevant plans, progress, material supply and other work, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction staff on standard posts, doing standard work and producing standard products

II. Party B shall educate the construction personnel on discipline and law-abiding, safe production and property protection, and designate a special person to be responsible for the on-site security work. It is strictly forbidden to steal the on-site materials. In case of illegal acts in violation of the on-site management system, Party A has the right to take necessary measures, and Party B shall bear the law and be responsible for compensating for economic losses

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