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Packaging slimming this year, Shanghai's moon cake sales fell by about 15%

the "moon cake drama" jointly staged by more than 300 enterprises ended yesterday. It was learned from the industry that the "small year effect" appeared. This year, the overall sales of moon cakes in Shanghai market was inferior to that of last year, and the sales were expected to decline by 10-20%, about 1billion yuan

although the major moon cake manufacturers are still "checking" this year's achievements, the overall sales are not as good as last year, and it seems that the major key has been set. Wang Guojun, a member of the National Food Industry Standardization Technical Committee and a senior engineer of "Shanghai modern food studio", who has been studying the moon cake market for many years, told yesterday that from the market feedback in the past month, although individual brands are flat or even increased compared with last year, the overall sales volume in Shanghai will fall to 1billion yuan, a decrease of about 15%. It is reported that the sales volume of moon cakes in Shanghai last year was more than 11000 tons, with a total sales volume of 1.2 billion yuan, taking the arithmetic mean right

Liu Lin, general manager of Nanjing East Road store of the first food store, said that the month long "first food moon cake festival" ended yesterday. As of yesterday, the sales revenue of more than 30 brand moon cakes retail in Nanjing East Road store had reached 4.5 million yuan. "Although it was finally flat with last year, it was mainly driven by the performance of the last week, with a maximum of 270000 yuan a day. According to the extremely weak interaction between GX RTF syringes and packaging provided by the manufacturer, the sales of the last few weeks were indeed lower than that of the same period last year." She said that the overall situation in the industry was indeed not as good as last year and was generally expected to decline. It is learned from the industry that several moon cake enterprises with sales of more than 10 million yuan last year have sales of less than 5 million yuan this year

insiders believe that the decline in the moon cake market this year is jointly affected by many factors. Since the Mid Autumn Festival on September 18 this year is far away from the national day, it is considered as the "mooncake year" in the industry. However, last year, the Mid Autumn Festival was only three days away from the national day, and the "big year" effect is quite obvious. The recent continuous high temperature has also restricted the purchase enthusiasm of many consumers

"when many things have their reasons for existence, the decline in sales is also a manifestation of the return of moon cake prices to rationality. This year's' thousand yuan moon cake 'has been quite rare." Wang Guojun pointed out that this year is the first year of simple packaging of moon cakes. The "Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes" implemented in March has greatly affected the high-end gift box moon cake market since 2000

the statistical data of Shanghai sugar and food industry professional association also shows that the high price moon cakes have decreased significantly this year, with the number of high price moon cakes above 500 yuan per box decreasing from 16 kinds of 12 enterprises last year to 7 kinds of 6 enterprises this year. The number of moon cakes below 200 yuan increased significantly

in addition, insiders pointed out that due to the entry of non industry capital, the "diversion phenomenon" of moon cake sales this year has become increasingly obvious, which has also led to a decline in sales of traditional moon cake enterprises. According to reports, there were about 260 moon cake enterprises in the Shanghai market last year, and dozens of enterprises entered the market for the first time this year, most of which were "non staff forces" whose main business was not in the traditional pastry market

taking ice cream moon cakes alone as an example, Guangming and Baxi sold moon cakes for the first time this year, while Mengniu and Nestle sold moon cakes the next year also increased their offensive. Gao Kemin, Secretary General of the baking professional committee of Shanghai food industry, previously predicted that even if the overall market declines this year, the market of these alternative mooncakes will continue to improve, and is expected to account for 15% of the market

source: Oriental Morning Post

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