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Packaging should not be tech Rococo

packaging should not be tech Rococo

discussing the way of packaging design in the society of immateriality

-- Wu Wei (Academy of Arts & design, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100020, China)

[Abstract] a moon cake packaging gift box with more than 1000 yuan triggered melancholy and thinking about the Rococo style of new technology. The added value of commodity packaging in the post industrial era was brought into full play, resulting in packaging variation; Mankind has entered the third millennium. In the immaterial society, we should reflect and revise the definition and role of modern packaging, and require designers to establish ethics and professional ethics, strengthen environmental awareness, cultivate correct value orientation, firmly establish the idea of serving people, and give full play to the elite role of designers in society

[Key words] packaging technology Rococo intangible ethics

I. quotation

during the Mid Autumn Festival last year, the author was invited to a friend's design company as a guest. This gentleman mysteriously invited me into his manager's office to show me the moon cake gift box that he bought for the business unit for more than 1000 yuan. Speaking from the heart: the designer of this moon cake box has really made great efforts in design and technology. The printing is gorgeous and exquisite, which makes people know that it must be a special gift at a high price. What's in the expensive moon cake box? He told me with a wry smile: it's not seven stars with the moon, but a set of silver knives and forks

needless to say, this kind of gift packaging is too extravagant for everyone who lives on wages, but in developing China, this new technology "Rococo" phenomenon is widespread in the field of graphic design. Another example is a patchwork book in a publishing house, with a large amount of blank space on each page. Some even leave half of the tofu block text on one page, and half of it neatly blank; The function is to leave readers with reading notes. The form is fashionable. It's too wasteful. We think that such packaging, such book design, has reached the level of "variation", and it is necessary to revise the concept of packaging

Second, review the packaging history of new China

in the 1950s and 1960s at the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, production was "unified purchase and marketing", and the packaging of products was mainly to ensure the safety of storage and transportation. The so-called "emperor's daughter does not worry about marriage", and the packaging of domestic sales products was relatively backward. In the 1960s and 1970s, the unprecedented "Cultural Revolution" began, and the "Red Guard" movement with the basic forms of "big character newspaper", "serial", "breaking the four old" swept the country, forming the characteristics of "one red" throughout the country. In the 1970s and 1980s, we began to pay attention to the packaging demand of export commodities. Comrade Deng Xiaoping talked about "the packaging problem of export commodities, which should be studied carefully" in the 1975 "several opinions on the development of industry", which officially opened the curtain of China's modern packaging. The 1980s and 1990s were the era when China's packaging industry was moving forward. In 1981, Nike, the general company of China's packaging industry, was established. It also focused on the innovation department. In 1987, for the first time, China won the world's highest Packaging Design Award - "world star" for two packaging projects. Since the 1990s, the central government has paid more attention to packaging work and increased the management and investment of the packaging industry [1]. In 1999, China won the "world star" award for 10 packages. With China's entry into the WTO and the international market, China's packaging will also move towards the road of globalization

in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the concept of packaging for Chinese people was "national gifts", which were gifts used for international conferences and entertaining state guests, such as "Moutai" and "Changyu" national wine. After half a century in China, the concept of packaging has entered the hearts of ordinary people. It is natural for commodities to be packaged. The change of this concept is a gratifying pleasure for our designers. Especially after the concept of added value was introduced into the design industry in the early 1990s, the packaging of goods really became popular with Comrade Xiaoping's slogan of reform and opening up. We should cherish the great achievements brought about by today's reform and opening up and the remarkable achievements created through the joint efforts of our colleagues in the packaging industry. Now it is necessary to put aside the flashy glory and reflect on the packaging concept we deal with day by day, which has been ignored or even insensitive

Third, the concept of modern packaging

packaging design is the design of the container of finished products and the construction appearance of its packaging, in order to obtain a kind of human thing that is suitable for human needs, reliable, beautiful and creative. Packaging can be divided into industrial packaging and commercial packaging. Industrial packaging design focuses on protection, and commercial packaging design takes promotion as the main purpose. In business competition, excellent packaging design can improve the added value of goods, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and have an obvious promotional effect. Its ultimate goal is to affect consumers' ideas and behaviors, establish commodity brands, and win the victory of marketing strategy

according to the analysis in Table 1 above, packaging plays a special role in the commodity economy, which is immaterial and metaphysical. It turns material and metaphysical products, supplies and even waste products into commodities through packaging. Commodities interweave the power of products - packaging, material - and non-material, showing colorful auras in circulation, adding scenic spots to daily life. Packaging itself is an ancient activity. After the emergence of commodity exchange, people use it to keep food longer and reduce the damage rate of goods in long-distance transportation. After entering the industrial society, the commodity cycle of the market economy has been shortened. It is also a product of a kind of attribute. Because there are many manufacturers and companies, the packaging is also marked with the cultural characteristics of the company. Market competition and price war force businesses to constantly update and replace products, constantly change packaging, in order to sell them. In order to defeat competitors, some products are even covered by packaging for their real functions and values, and the product war has become a packaging war. When these commodities appeared on the supermarket counter, people began to confuse whether the commodities in modern packaging brought real satisfaction to people by product function or packaging, and the concept of modern packaging was confused. Packaging makes products move towards cultural or "ritual" goods. Its packaging has been personalized and rich in humanistic aspects. China is a society of etiquette. Chinese people love face more. Of course, packaging has become the face of goods, as well as the face of buyers and recipients of gifts. People compare the value of individuals in society through commodity packaging, and judge their evaluation status in others' minds and convey the relationship of honor and inferiority through the level of commodity packaging. Packaging really becomes the existence of "ritual" at this time

with the penetration of Western value orientation, packaging also brings consumers a sense of "superior" and "fashion taste", which makes the added value of packaging more prominent and extreme, and even deviates from the track of real life more and more, and there are a large number of "flower" but not real packaged goods. Businesses also use media advertising to make their goods produce extraordinary effects among the consumer public, comparing expensive commodity packaging to "affordable identity symbols or symbols"

IV. technical Rococo is a variation of commodity packaging

Rococo originally refers to the flirtatious and charming aristocratic interest trend that appeared in the upper classes of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie from the 17th century to the 18th century in France after classicism. The architectural works of that period loved to use delicate colors, showing "a more feminine, delicate and trivial style... Poor shape pole state, and tended to be cumbersome and stacked", As described by a critic at that time, "parasitic classes should spend their luxury time in a greasy environment."

this paper uses tech Rococo to describe that some commodities in today's packaging industry are too extravagant and wasteful to the extent of variation. It is intended to revise the meaning of packaging symbol plus value, encourage the positive effects of packaging, and avoid eliminating its negative effects. Packaging should not be an intermediary for growing bureaucratic habits and providing corruption. Some people get out of the water for commercial purposes, and the exquisite packaging has become a beautiful trap at this time, affecting fair competition and administrative justice. The Rococo style of technology on packaging also violates the principle of environmental protection. It virtually encourages the consumption of resources that could have been saved. It is out of step with our current policies, divorced from the public, and pursues high standards and high-quality material enjoyment. It is not in line with the current national conditions, and should not be respected and advocated by the packaging industry and the whole society

the Rococo packaging of technology is proposed for those powerful small groups (bureaucrats) and those groups with wealth (businessmen, entrepreneurs). This packaging is essentially a bilateral game of chasing fame and wealth. As the pursuit of fame and wealth has triggered this "ostentatious consumption", packaging has been given too many labels and symbols, making packaging the spokesman of desire and ritual, which has been common in the West for a long time. In western countries, some packaging is designed for the super rich class, so there are extravagant and exaggerated expressions on the packaging; While China is in the process of development, the external symbols of commodity packaging should echo and parallel with the internal quality of products, and consumers should not be harmed by luxury packaging and inferior products

v. packaging values of Non-material Society

the so-called Non-material Society is what people often call a digital society, an information society or a service-oriented society [2]. At present, the general trend in the field of design is to change from physical design to non physical design, from product design to service design, and from physical product design to virtual product design

in ancient China, our ancestors recognized today's non-material thoughts from the height of philosophy and self-cultivation very early. Chinese ancients emphasized the need to cultivate self-cultivation, not to expand material desires too much, to integrate heaven and man, and to respect and love nature. For example, Lao Tzu emphasized "contentment" and "lack of desire" in material terms, and hated craft skills. He believed that "rare goods make people do harm". At present, many young Americans respond to the values of environmental protection, and their pursuit of life can be expressed in a lyrics popular in the United States - simple happiness [3]

with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" in the early reflection on industrial behavior and traditional concepts in western society, many Westerners have become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. In the west, people have realized that it is necessary and inevitable to restrict packaging consumption for the sake of our future generations and future generations. Westerners are even discussing the use of "green tax" to limit people's material desires and the expanding consumption of packaging

VI. establish the ethical concept of designers

in contemporary economic society, businesses have become economic animals, designers have become trumpeters, and commodities have opened the price level through packaging, which also separates the rich and the civilian class, so people's psychology is out of balance. Soros once said, "global capital

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