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Packaging projects that can replace traditional cartons are advancing steadily. It is expected to be put into production in October. Release date: Source: China good packaging

at present, the construction of a 100000 ton/year green packaging material project in Wutai County, Shanxi Province is advancing steadily. It is understood that special attention should be paid here to inspect the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks. The first phase investment is 200million, which is expected to be put into production in October. It mainly uses the waste tailings of the magnesium company to produce environmental protection packaging boxes. The price is 20% lower than that of traditional cartons, and the tensile strength and pressure resistance are also improved

the raw material is the waste tailings of Magnesium Company

the project is a new environmental protection and energy-saving project introduced from Wutai County, Shanxi Province, which is invested and constructed by Shanxi Guotou Jiaze Paper Co., Ltd. According to the introduction, the project has zero pollution and zero emission in the whole production process, and will not cause secondary pollution due to production. The product can be automatically degraded after being added with secret materials and exposed to the sun for three months

it can be seen from the project introduction that the process flow of the project is to use the tailings of Yunhai magnesium industry to process into ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder with a fineness of more than 1250 mesh through ultra-fine grinding, prepare and granulate calcium carbonate and calcium oxide at 80%, non-toxic plastic at 18%, and additives at 2%, and then reduce the master batch for miscible secondary internal mixing and overstock to produce paperboard and base paper finished products. Then the environmental friendly synthetic corrugated board is produced by printing die cutting, and then the products are printed according to the requirements of customers, and finally packaged and warehoused

the price is 20% lower than that of traditional packaging boxes.

Tian Pengze, head of Shanxi Guotou Jiaze Paper Co., Ltd., said: "our products can replace traditional paper civilian packaging boxes and industrial packaging boxes, reduce various pollution of traditional paper production and damage to forest resources. This product can also replace traditional plastic express packaging bags and supermarket plastic bags, and reduce the harm of white pollution to the environment."

in terms of product advantages, Tian Pengze said, "10. To avoid scratching or corrosion, the biggest characteristics of the guide rail surface screw rod products are waterproof, moisture-proof and oil stain proof, and the tensile and folding table top is equipped with a scale and compression resistance, which is greatly improved compared with the traditional packaging box, and the price is 20% lower than the traditional packaging box. However, the enterprise profits and taxes have not been reduced, and the gross profit is 25%. The products developed at this stage are mainly civil food grade packaging boxes and industrial packaging honeycomb panels."

it is expected to be put into operation in October this year

it is understood that the project with an annual output of 100000 tons of green environmental protection packaging materials has a total investment of 500million and is constructed in three phases. Among them, the first phase investment is 200million, covering an area of 50 mu. At present, geological exploration, site leveling, access roads, power supply, office activity construction and other related projects have been completed. The follow-up project is progressing steadily in an orderly manner, which is expected to ensure the geometric accuracy of the whole machine. It is expected to be put into production in October this year

after the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 650million, pay annual profits and taxes of 30million, and solve the employment of more than 200 people, effectively increasing the employment opportunities of upstream and downstream enterprises. At the same time, the project can also deal with 250000 tons of waste residue from Yunhai magnesium industry in an environmentally friendly and pollution-free manner, making contributions to the cause of environmental protection at that time

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