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The trend of packaging product quality management (middle)

Dr. Xuanyi Taguchi, a famous Japanese quality management expert, founded the theory that the carbon oxide emission of gdp2 in three design units decreased by 17% in the 1970s. Its core idea is to produce products that meet customer requirements and cause the least loss to society with the lowest manufacturing cost without quality control in product design. The design process is divided into three stages, namely system design, parameter design and tolerance design. The focus is on parameter design, which is called robust design in foreign countries, that is, using orthogonal test method or optimization method to determine the best combination of system elements and device parameters, so that the quality fluctuation caused by the internal and external factors of the system is minimized. That is, the quality is the most stable

quality function preparation is also translated as quality function deployment, that is, a certain method is adopted to ensure that the demand from customers or the market is accurately transferred to the relevant technologies and measures of each upper stage of the product life cycle and the preparation stage for the upcoming fuel test. After the implementation of QFD, the benefits received by enterprises are huge. Toyota applied QFD technology. From October 1979 to April 1984, the cumulative cost of developing new container cars was reduced by 61%, the product development cycle was reduced by 1/3, and the quality was greatly improved

trend 3: production standards give way to trade standards, and the impact of aesthetic quality on packaging products is gradually increasing

countermeasures: determine the quality standard of packaged products according to the actual needs of users, and pay attention to improving the aesthetic quality of packaged products

the quality standards of products are divided into production standards and trade standards. At present, the product standards of domestic packaging enterprises basically implement the quality standards formulated by the relevant government departments, that is, production-oriented standards, and accept the inspection and supervision of the government quality supervision department at the same time. Producers aim to produce products that meet or exceed national standards. The international standard is trade-oriented. The difference between the two is that in terms of the composition of the standard system, the former is mostly national standards, while the latter also includes national standards, but it is more formulated by producers according to the market and the situation of the enterprise. In the guiding ideology of formulating standards, the former takes guiding production as the main or even the only goal, and does not pay attention to the changes of market demand, while the latter mainly takes market-oriented and user-oriented as the starting point; In terms of standard indicators, the former has many indicators and detailed projects, while the latter has only a few basic indicators, and other requirements are constantly changing according to the changes of the market. Therefore, it has strong adaptability and locates the product quality standards on the needs of users

in the trade-oriented standard of packaging products, an important concept is the aesthetic quality of packaging products. People not only require commodities to meet the needs of use, but also hope to obtain beautiful visual satisfaction and enjoyment in commodities and their packaging. Not only pay attention to the use of goods, talent price, but also pay great attention to the aesthetic value, emotional value and social value of goods and packaging. There are load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress strain, load ⑵ point extension map and other culture is the added value of rising goods. Strengthening the aesthetic quality of packaging products has become an important aspect of product quality management in packaging enterprises

trend 4: the deepening of total quality management in enterprises

countermeasures: we should pay attention to the important role of all employees' participation in quality management in quality control

total quality management emphasizes the expansion of quality control to the management field. It is necessary to manage the whole process of quality formation and realize the overall quality management. The development of quality management from local management to comprehensive and systematic management is the inevitable result of the development of production, technology and market

in the process of quality control, packaging enterprises should pay special attention to improving the management level and establish the quality concept of all employees, which is the fundamental to improve quality. The latest research shows that although all inspection and quality control activities are carried out in the production department, 60-70% of the product quality problems found are directly or indirectly caused by defects in design, manufacturing and raw material procurement. Taking the production of cartons as an example, the smooth corrugated board is conducive to the smooth production of cartons and is the prerequisite for the production of high-quality cartons, and the quality of cardboard and the rationality of paper distribution are an important aspect that affects the flatness of corrugated board; The raw material condition, production technology, production equipment and operation level in the paper production process are the key factors that determine the quality of paperboard. Therefore, the control of product quality is not only the work of the quality inspection department, but also the participation of all departments such as procurement, design, process, production, packaging and transportation

The ISO9000 quality certification system is the standardization and concretization of quality management theory. The implementation of ISO9000 quality certification system is the development trend of quality management at present. Through the implementation of ISO9000 quality certification, the production and business activities of the enterprise are under control. Taking contract management as the main line, it emphasizes meeting the needs of users, emphasizing traceability, identifying and improving problems, strengthening the employees' awareness of independent management, and eliminating the connection and linkage of unqualified announcement list with finance, environmental protection, energy and other aspects in the bud. In the implementation of ISO9000 quality standards, we should act in strict accordance with the specifications to prevent the phenomenon of going through the motions, especially to prevent certification for certification. Because the purpose of quality certification is to ultimately improve the quality management level and product quality of the unit, not just for the publicity of corporate image

trend 5: front line workers participate in quality control

countermeasures: special attention should be paid to improving the personal quality of enterprise production workers and strengthening training and education

quality control exists in all production and operation activities of the enterprise, and is closely related to the work quality of each employee of the enterprise, especially the front-line workers. Therefore, in the implementation of quality management in enterprises, special attention should be paid to giving full play to the subjective initiative of each front-line workers in ensuring product quality. (to be continued)

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