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Packaging research and testing center explores the overall service outsourcing mode

Zhongguang Tianjin, November 26 (Wang Jiajun) China Packaging Research and testing center, located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, has explored a new overall service outsourcing mode in product packaging research, design, testing, packaging material supply, quality monitoring with first-class technical equipment and services in recent years, becoming Motorola, Haier, Lenovo, HP, Huawei General Electric, ZTE, P & G and other well-known large companies at home and abroad have paved the way for their products to enter the international market smoothly

China Packaging Research and testing center is a technical cooperation project between the Chinese and French governments, which was established in 1988. The central laboratory is the national packaging product quality supervision and inspection center. The test data and test reports issued by it have been mutually recognized by more than 50 national and regional accreditation institutions in the Pacific Rim region, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. at the same time, it is also an accredited laboratory of the International Association for safe transportation (ISTA), UL, GE and many other international organizations or internationally renowned enterprises, Member units of American Society for testing and materials (ASTM), International Association of packaging research institutions (iapri) and ISTA

Cheng 2 of China Packaging Research and testing center has found that the operating organization is ineffective. In the past 20 years, it has provided tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad with technical services such as packaging product testing, optimization design, new packaging materials, new processes and packaging basic data development, presided over or participated in the formulation of hundreds of national or industrial packaging standards, and participated in the revision of a number of international packaging standards on behalf of the country, On behalf of the state or government departments at all levels, carry out supervision and inspection of packaged products and conduct arbitration and inspection of packaging quality issues in domestic and foreign trade. In the competition with internationally renowned laboratories, the center has successfully defeated its competitors. In the past, Motorola's packaging product testing was completed in the United States, with high transportation costs and long test cycles, which affected the production process of products. After Motorola learned that the central laboratory had the same ability, it carried out the first three tests in parallel with the U.S. laboratory without the knowledge of the central laboratory. The results were the same. Motorola decided to hand over all the subsequent packaging tests to the central laboratory, thereby reducing transportation costs and shortening the test cycle. In 2007, the after-sales Assembly held at Shanghai General Motors (SGM) should be tightened in time; After the experiment, if the machine is not used for a long time, the center will stand out from dozens of competitors in the international bidding for packaging design and packaging auxiliary material quality inspection services, and become a service provider for SGM packaging design, process improvement, auxiliary material quality control, storage data maintenance, etc. This year, he was employed by the Airbus A320 Tianjin general assembly line project as a consultant for the overall packaging business, providing improvements from packaging quality inspection to packaging design optimization for the transportation of small parts of Airbus A320 aircraft; Again, Daowu adheres to the integrated packaging service of cleaning material procurement and continuous quality management

packaging is the coat of products. Having beautiful, durable, environment-friendly and economical packaging is the key link for products to market and enterprises to reduce costs. China Packaging Research and testing center gave full play to its technical and equipment advantages and successfully solved the problem of reducing the packaging and transportation cost of refrigerator products for Haier Group. Engineering and technical personnel start with testing the transportation performance of the original packaging, analyze the characteristics of the refrigerator and the advantages and disadvantages of the original packaging, design the packaging structure according to the actual situation of the product in the circulation and transportation process, and select the applicable packaging products, so as to optimize the packaging cost and reduce the packaging waste and resource consumption on the premise of ensuring the safety of product transportation. The improved refrigerator packaging not only reduces the cost of products and packaging materials, but also significantly improves the law of transportation damage. At present, the center has carried out special design and improvement for Haier's water heaters, microwave ovens, air conditioners, LCD TVs and other products, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the home appliance industry

in recent years, in order to safeguard their own economic interests, some developed countries in the world have raised the threshold of product import for Chinese enterprises by formulating special technical standards and requirements. The losses caused by returns and claims each year are as high as hundreds of millions of dollars only because enterprises do not understand or products fail to meet the packaging standards of the importing country. In order to break the technical barriers of developed countries, while carrying out testing and design work, China Packaging Research and testing center also actively carries out international cooperation and foreign exchanges, constantly tracks the development of packaging technology in developed countries, and introduces advanced packaging concepts. By joining international authoritative technical organizations such as ISTA (International Association for safe transportation), iapri (International Association of packaging research institutions) and carrying out technical exchanges and cooperation with authoritative packaging laboratories in Europe and North America, we have continuously obtained the packaging regulations and technical standards of China's key export countries and regions, and digested, absorbed and deeply analyzed them, The research results will be provided with relevant technical information for Chinese enterprises in the form of holding seminars or providing technical consultation. At the same time, international famous packaging experts are regularly invited to have technical exchanges with the packaging technicians of Chinese enterprises, explaining in detail the packaging technical standards and laws and regulations of major western developed countries, paving the way for many Chinese enterprises to provide international packaging standards and packaging related requirements of importing countries before product export, and smoothly enter the international market

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