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packaging should conform to the green consumption concept

it is suggested to formulate energy protection and promotion recycling law, stipulate that packaging waste should be forcibly recycled, reduce waste, and protect the environment. Guoshuqin, President of the first central hospital in Baoding, Hebei Province, made such suggestions at the national two sessions this year

Guo Shuqin believes that in recent years, the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods has become increasingly fierce, which is mainly manifested in excessive packaging levels, excessive materials, excessive volume, improper structural design, excessive packaging functions, and high packaging costs. Many packaging has deviated from its due functions. This not only harms the vital interests of consumers and encourages social luxury, but also violates the requirements of creating a conservation oriented society and energy conservation and environmental protection

according to Guo Shuqin, packaging accounts for more than 30% of the annual municipal solid waste in China. Beijing produces 2million tons of garbage every year, of which 830000 tons are commodity packaging garbage. In addition to the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste itself, its production process will also cause environmental pollution. On the other hand, excessive packaging causes a lot of waste and consumes amazing resources. Moreover, the product can generate excess profits in excessive packaging. The packaging is too large and there are many accessories, which damages the interests of consumers to varying degrees

therefore, Guo Shuqin proposed: formulate a product packaging law, include excessive deceptive packaging in illegal acts, and put forward specific and clear restrictions on packaging materials and processes; Formulate industry unified standards, strengthen the supervision and guidance of enterprise packaging behavior, and severely punish luxury packaging behavior; Strengthen public opinion publicity, vigorously advocate a reasonable and green consumption concept, and initiate everyone to actively track the dynamic service after confirming that there is no problem. The first step is to hang the mold and refuse to use luxury packaging. If the simple rise and fall does not work, the government will take the lead to make people proud of frugality and ashamed of luxury

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