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Packaging robots will become the mainstream of packaging machinery industry

with the development of economy, packaging has become an indispensable part of people's life. At the same time, people also put forward higher requirements for this market. Driven by technology, the variety of products is becoming more and more diverse. The packaging robot with strong self-adaptive ability has become the future force of the development of the packaging machinery industry

the application of packaging robots has caused a storm

packaging robots are mainly used for the handling, loading and unloading and stacking of bulky and bulky objects. The packaging robot is also used for the packaging of clean products that cannot be touched by human body, such as food and drugs, especially biological products, microbial agents and chemical raw materials harmful to human body. With the maturity of robot technology and the realization of industrialization, the application of robots in the field of packaging engineering is becoming wider and wider

packaging robot technology is advanced, precise and intelligent, which can increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, and is the highest embodiment of the automation level of packaging machinery; The upgrading of packaging robot technology is a new generation of production tools that comprehensively extend human physical strength and intelligence. It is an important means to realize digitalization, automation, networking and intellectualization of production. It can be seen that the development prospect of packaging robot in industry is considerable

the application of packaging robots is a growing industry, because every enterprise needs to package and palletize products. In packaging applications, the cost of robotics continues to decline, while its performance and user-friendly advantages continue to make progress. The trend that robot technology is widely used in packaging applications can be seen to be similar to the sweeping trend of the computer industry

development direction of packaging robots

insiders believe that robots are increasingly used in rigid automation, and some high-end trends will continue in the next few years. Application direction traditional robots are transforming into customized robots for certain packaging applications. Since high-speed and relatively low-speed payloads are key requirements in packaging applications, robots that meet special application directions are very popular because experimental machines are qualified products. Compared with traditional multi joint robots and planar joint robots, robots used in packaging applications show higher production speed and better performance

in the production plants of manufacturing enterprises, in order to adapt to the surge in production, each robot must have a high processing speed, which has become the basic requirement of enterprises for robots. Due to the randomness of the product placement on the high-speed packaging production line, the production line matching vision system and conveyor belt tracking system are required. Therefore, the robot on the packaging production line needs the participation of vision system more

when it comes to packaging, which minimizes the heat generated by the hydraulic system itself, robots are currently dealing with more blister packaging. Preformed plastic packaging can be used for various packaging, which is convenient for manufacturing, such as small packaging of consumer drugs and unit dose of drug packaging. Jrmusselman, software engineering manager of doerfer company in Greenville, South Carolina, said that the development trend of robots is to be more applied to the blister packaging field. Because the packaging itself is not expensive and suitable for high-speed production, blister packaging is favored by end users

the application of packaging robots, such as bagging robots, packing robots, stacking robots, filling robots, packaging conveying robots, recognition and detection robots, will replace many traditional equipment and become an important assistant in the packaging field. Packaging robot is one of the industries that have developed rapidly in the field of domestic packaging production in recent years. It has gradually shown a high-end, large-scale development trend, but it will take a long time for the phenomenon of quality loss and precision to appear. It has become an important force to promote China to become a powerful country in the manufacturing of packaging machinery

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