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The packaging taste seeks to break through the hotel moon cake this year, "approachable"

in the sound of rising prices, the price of moon cakes in star rated hotels that have always followed the high-end route has remained basically unchanged. This year, the price of hotel moon cake gift boxes is generally concentrated at 100300 yuan, and the price of moon cake gift boxes in individual hotels has even fallen below the 100 yuan mark. Without luxurious packaging and sky high prices, fashionable and personalized packaging and taste innovation and services have become its capital to win the high-end market

the price of hotel moon cakes does not rise but falls.

high star hotels have always been the gathering place of sky high price moon cakes. With the implementation of the policy of restricting luxury packaging, major hotels in Tianjin have reduced the price of moon cakes last year. Take five-star hotels for example. The moon cake gift box launched by Renaissance Tianjin Binjiang hotel this year is divided into three grades, with the lowest price of 168 yuan/box and the highest price of 368 yuan/box. The moon cake gift boxes launched by Holiday Inn Tianjin Binhai are mainly 118 yuan/box and 168 yuan/box. The lowest price of moon cakes in Tianjin Jinze hotel is only 88 yuan/box, and the highest is only 198 yuan/box. In this regard, insiders said that the rapid decline in the price of high-end moon cakes last year was mainly due to the intervention of national policies. This year, the price of moon cake gift boxes in high-star hotels was generally reduced, which can be said to be a signal from the market and a rational return to the market demand for moon cakes. According to a relevant person of a five-star hotel, the hotel found that consumers agree with the moon cake of 100200 yuan after synthesizing the feedback of the moon cake market price in 2006

Hotel mooncakes still follow the high-end route

although the price drops again and again, many hotel mooncakes still adhere to the high-end route. According to Zhao Yu, the catering director of Renaissance Tianjin Binjiang Hotel, the number of overseas exhibitors and the exhibition area increased by 11.6% and 13.6% respectively compared with the previous session, moon cakes are not just a kind of food, it represents a kind of culture. The packaging and manufacturing technology of moon cakes are all part of this culture. Through this culture, it also conveys the hotel culture to consumers. To some extent, the moon cakes produced by a hotel represent the image of the hotel. Therefore, the hotel moon cakes must be of high quality, both in packaging and product quality

however, with the rational return of consumption in the moon cake market, many large hotels admit that there is basically no market for moon cakes with high prices. The person in charge of a five-star hotel told that the hotel prepared some moon cakes with a price of about 500 yuan this year, including a bottle of red wine, but the output of this part of moon cakes is very small, mainly for customers with special needs and poor product quality stability

packaging taste highlights personality

without luxury packaging and sky high prices, major star hotels in Tianjin this year are looking for new breakthroughs in the packaging form, taste and service of moon cakes to attract market attention. Holiday Inn Tianjin Binhai gave full play to the group's advantages. The packaging of the moon cake gift box was designed by InterContinental Hotels Group, which specially hired well-known designers. It is fashionable, personalized and aesthetic. Renaissance Tianjin Binjiang Hotel selected the iconic mural in the store as the pattern on the cover of this year's moon cake gift box through employee voting. The hotel has very distinctive characteristics. Tianjin Jinze Hotel selects vintage red classic patterns on the 88 yuan/box moon cake box, which is very attractive to consumers

in terms of taste, the moon cake gift box of star hotels 1. After the transformation, various control parameters can be automatically calibrated; Pay more attention to health and innovation. This year, the innovation of hotel moon cakes is no longer developing in the direction of expensive fillings such as abalone and shark fin, but more diversified. Renaissance Tianjin Binjiang hotel has added international elements to the mooncakes and launched many Western-style cakes, such as chocolate, coffee, charcoal and other flavors. Tianjin Binhai Holiday Inn has made an issue of stuffing collocation, introducing new flavor moon cakes such as sesame pine nuts, Matcha red beans and Longjing tea. And in each moon cake gift box, there are low sugar or sugar free moon cakes, which are suitable for diabetes patients

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