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China will promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry from five aspects

the machinery industry is the equipment industry of the national economy and an important foundation for improving the overall quality of the national economy and realizing industrialization. The necessity of increasing investment in revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry is the need for a large machinery country to turn to a powerful machinery country. As a large machinery country, the overall quality and competitive strength of China's equipment manufacturing industry are not strong, labor productivity and industrial added value are low, economic benefits are poor, market share is still low, repeated construction is serious, product technology content is low, structure is unreasonable, and it is not a strong machinery country. Therefore, in the future, we need to increase investment and move forward to a powerful machinery country

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of industry and information technology said a few days ago that the policy support effect of the adjustment and revitalization plan of China's equipment manufacturing industry has gradually appeared, and the next step will focus on five aspects

first, we should speed up the introduction of relevant implementation rules. There are 9 implementation rules to be formulated in the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, and 5 of them have been issued at present; The four implementation rules that have not yet been issued should be coordinated to ensure that they are all issued by the end of the year. We should closely track and evaluate the policies and measures that have been issued. 4. The measurement must evaluate the implementation effect after the loading and unloading are stable and static, and adjust and supplement them in time; At the same time, we should strengthen the research and formulation of reserve policies in a timely manner according to the changes in the economic situation at home and abroad and the needs of industry development

second, we should further strengthen the work of technological transformation. Speed up the implementation of technological transformation projects within the investment plan, track and inspect the implementation of the project, and ensure that investment benefits are achieved; According to the development needs of the industry, put forward the direction and key points of technological transformation next year, do a good job in the experimental operation and data processing, meet the requirements of gb228 (2) 010 "tensile test method for metal materials at room temperature", reserve items, and improve the key project library; Accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote technological transformation

third, we should focus on the localization of major technical equipment. The "measures for the implementation of the first major technical equipment identification and demonstration project" and the "measures for the management of equipment evaluation of investment projects" will be issued as soon as possible to create a good environment for the development of major technical equipment and independent innovation; Study and formulate the action plan for strengthening and expanding the equipment manufacturing industry, issue the Guiding Catalogue for independent innovation of major technical equipment, and clarify the direction and key tasks of promoting the autonomy of major technical equipment; Pay close attention to the coordination with relevant departments, strive to make a breakthrough in the equipment development fund policy, and accelerate the implementation of the special project of large castings and forgings, basic parts and components localization

fourth, we should accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises. The guiding opinions on accelerating the merger and reorganization of equipment manufacturing enterprises should be issued as soon as possible, the policy pertinence and operability should be enhanced, and the policy obstacles of measuring the accuracy of Jinan gold testing tensile machine and cross ownership merger and reorganization across regions and industries should be eliminated. The profits of Chinese paper enterprises fell in 2018. Formulate guidelines to promote the healthy development of wind power equipment and prevent overcapacity

fifth, we should pay attention to the cultivation and development of emerging industries. Comprehensively considering the market demand and supporting conditions, it is preliminarily considered to select energy-saving and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment, general aircraft and regional aircraft, high-speed rail transit equipment, high-performance ships and other key areas for the cultivation of emerging pillar industries. Study and formulate the action plan for energy saving and new energy vehicles, issue the guidelines for scientific research projects of offshore engineering equipment and the guidelines for scientific research projects of new ship type development, and formulate supporting policies for the industrialization of general aircraft and regional aircraft. By formulating development policies and relying on technological progress, we can create new market demand and cultivate new growth points

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