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Major breakthroughs have been made in packaging technology. It is no longer difficult to vacuum package amorphous products.

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core tips: pickled cabbage, pickled mustard, kelp... The vacuum packaging problem of these amorphous products has always been one of the major problems perplexing China's food equipment industry. How to solve this problem has become the common goal of China's food equipment enterprises in recent years

[China Packaging News] the vacuum packaging problem of pickled vegetables, pickled mustard, kelp... These amorphous products has always been one of the major problems perplexing China's food equipment industry. How to solve this problem has become the common goal of China's food equipment enterprises in recent years

major breakthrough in packaging technology vacuum packaging of amorphous products is no longer difficult

recently, the Chinese society of food science and technology organized experts to evaluate the jw-fw100 vertical full-automatic vacuum packaging machine technology and the zj-qhx full-automatic production line technology of hot pot bottom materials that have been painstakingly developed by Chengdu Jingwei Machinery Co., Ltd. for many years. The experts of the expert committee listened to the R & D report made by the project team and watched the whole production process on site. After questioning and discussion, they believed that the two technologies and products have filled the gap at home and abroad and are internationally leading. It is suggested to further expand the application fields of the two technologies. The characteristic of independent innovation is the evaluation of these two technologies by experts of the expert committee. Experts agreed that China's traditional food industrialization largely depends on equipment, and food equipment is a big gap. It is not easy to realize the continuous and automatic production of a traditional food. In the future, we should use the inclusive thinking of jumping out of the window to make our independent innovative food equipment go higher and further

vertical full-automatic vacuum packaging machine technology solves the problem of vacuum sealing with bags

with the improvement of people's consumption level and the strengthening of food safety awareness, many traditional foods must be vacuum packaged. After vacuum packaging, the packaged goods can effectively prevent the propagation of aerobic bacteria, so as to avoid causing the corruption and deterioration of goods, increase the shelf life of food preservation, greatly extend the storage time of products (commodities), increase the sales time of food, and effectively expand the sales radius. According to incomplete statistics, the annual sales volume of vacuum packaging of pickled cabbage, pickled mustard, kelp silk, etc. in the instant noodle industry alone is as high as 8billion yuan, and the vacuum packaging seasoning package required is more than 3billion. However, the current production methods of unshaped products such as pickled cabbage, pickled mustard, kelp silk, etc. are mostly semi-automatic manual packaging methods that use manual measurement, manually fill into prefabricated bags, and then manually put into a special semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine for vacuum sealing, which is far from meeting the needs of industrial production. How to change the current situation of workshop work in pickled cabbage, pickled mustard, kelp silk and other industries, reduce labor costs, reduce labor intensity, and make industrial production possible, let the R & D personnel of Chengdu Jingwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. think hard, and it took five years to develop a vertical full-automatic vacuum packaging machine

experts believe that the jw-fw100 vertical full-automatic vacuum packaging machine integrates functional modular technologies such as roll film bag forming, automatic metering and filling, vacuum sealing, continuous bag production, and solves the problem of full-automatic vacuum packaging of amorphous substances such as pickled cabbage, pickled mustard, kelp silk, etc. At the same time, it is impossible to make necessary improvements to each item by adjusting only one parameter. The equipment adopts vertical vacuum packaging, servo motion control, computer control and other technologies to realize single machine multi-function and automatic bag packaging. Through the test, the continuous packaging speed can reach 50 bags/minute, the vacuum degree can reach below -94 kPa, and the qualification rate of continuous packaging production is more than 99%, which meets the requirements of vacuum packaging automatic production. In addition, the product adopts the continuous bag production mode, which creates conditions for industrial streamlined production, solves the problem of continuous bag vacuum sealing in the packaging industry, effectively reduces labor costs and labor intensity, improves production efficiency, and meets the requirements of standardized management. It is understood that the device has 1 invention and 3 utility model patents, with independent intellectual property rights

the technology of full-automatic production line of hotpot seasoning realizes the automatic production of the whole line

according to the data of China condiments Association, China now has 510000 tons of Sichuan flavor compound seasoning in 2011, with a sales scale of about 5.3 billion yuan. It is expected that the sales scale this year will reach 13.3 billion yuan; Over the past five years, the average annual sales revenue increased by 21.43%. However, at present, most condiment production enterprises, including hot pot seasoning, have simple production equipment, and some also adopt workshop production, which has low production efficiency and can not meet the needs of downstream customers at all. The production line urgently needs to be fully automated

it is understood that in the production process of hot pot ingredients, traditional enterprises mostly use trolleys to transfer the materials after the inner package (the temperature is about 90 ℃), place the material package manually, place the material package on multiple trolley platforms, manually pat the surface of the material package and then stand, cool it with fan air cooling, and then transfer the cooled materials to the outer bag packaging area through trolleys for packaging and sealing; A few enterprises with a higher degree of automation have adopted single machine automation equipment in less links, such as automatic frying machine, automatic filling machine, etc. The R & D personnel of Jingwei Company found from market research that in order to realize the automatic production of hotpot ingredients in the whole line, the technology needs to overcome the following key points: how to realize the collection of materials after the inner packaging of multiple filling machines, the rapid cooling of large quantities of materials, the automatic loading of outer bags, and the automatic packing according to the customer's requirements

for the zj-qhx hotpot seasoning fully automatic production line technology that passed the evaluation this time, the experts of the expert committee believe that the fully automatic hotpot seasoning production line meets the needs of Chinese condiment production enterprises, and realizes the fully automated process requirements from the aspects of raw material frying, filling, detection, arrangement, cooling, packaging, sub bag arrangement, packing, sealing and so on. The automatic production of hot pot seasoning has been realized, and the innovative characteristics are distinct. The product integrates functional modular technologies such as photoelectric control, computer program control, AC servo control, drive control, material attitude adjustment, and realizes the automation of the whole production process. The whole line has a compact space and a high degree of automation. Innovative research and development of mechanisms such as shooting, subcontracting, shaping, pushing, and throwing packages, as well as dual servo drives, have improved the automation of the production process. The project has two invention patents and two utility model patents, which are "qualified" and "green" when one is qualified

it is reported that the technology of zj-qhx hot pot bottom automatic production line has been used by Chongqing Dezhuang, Sichuan Tianwei, Pixian Dandan Douban, yangjiazifang and other companies three years ago, and the overall effect is good. It is understood that this production line is not only applicable to the full-automatic production of hot pot seasoning, but also can be used for the full-automatic production of filling, cooling, outer packaging and packaging of high-temperature liquid substances in pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries

let the independent innovative food equipment go higher and farther with the inclusive thinking of jumping out of the window

"simple, grounded..." Meng Suhe, President of the Chinese society of food science and technology, commented on these two technological achievements at the evaluation meeting. Meng Suhe said that Chengdu is one of the regions with the most abundant traditional food resources in China, and the two equipment and technical achievements of Jingwei Company located in Chengdu, such as the technology of full-automatic production line of hot pot seasoning, which was recognized by experts this time, not only solved the problem of industrialization of China's traditional food that cannot be solved abroad, but also solved the problem of high labor force in the industry. It is characterized by resolving many problems of China's traditional food in industrialized packaging one by one in application practice

Meng Suhe pointed out that China's private food equipment production enterprises are striving to win in isolation, hoping to have more joint efforts to integrate, so that the research on traditional food equipment can enter the national sequence. Meng Suhe believes that Jingwei Company, which has grown for 20 years, is an epitome of the improvement of China's food equipment level. In the future, we should have a more open mind, use inclusive thinking out of the window, cooperate with experts in various fields, and use special equipment to express market demands, so as to make independent innovative food equipment go higher and further, and insert the wings of industrialization for the take-off of China's traditional food

"it is very difficult to realize continuous and automatic production of a traditional food." Professor luxiaoli from the school of light textile and food, Sichuan University, who has long focused on the research and development of traditional food equipment, has a deep understanding of this. Chen Gong, President of Sichuan food fermentation industry research and Design Institute, was very pleased that the two technical achievements of the full-automatic production line technology of hotpot seasoning had passed the evaluation. Chen Gong believes that these two technological achievements are in line with the national "13th five year plan" and make it possible for China's traditional food such as hot pot sauces to realize industrialized production

yanjunbo, chairman of Sichuan Haoji food (Group) Co., Ltd., said that as the saying goes, 2. The direct digital control drive system realized by high-speed processor is good - "Sichuan flavor beats the world". However, due to the backward manufacturing equipment, traditional specialty foods such as pickled mustard, pickled cabbage, kelp and silk cannot beat the world. Yan Junbo pointed out that China's food industry must move forward, and packaging equipment must also move forward. At present, many foods are innovating, but the equipment can't keep up with it, so they are mostly imported. In the future, relevant manufacturing equipment will continue to work on the standard measurement and automation level

"the industrialization of traditional food is inseparable from the development of equipment." Li Shujun, head of the strategic planning department of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., said that from the ninth five year plan to the twelfth five year plan, food equipment projects have been mentioned to occupy 1/5 of major projects, indicating that the country is paying more attention to food equipment

Jin Zhengyu, vice president of Jiangnan University, believes that the industrialization of traditional food in China depends largely on equipment. At present, food equipment is a big gap. "New technology and new food need equipment to solidify." Jin Zhengyu called on the state to support the investment and project approval of food equipment. Huang shouen, editor in chief of food and machinery magazine, also said that the bottleneck of China's traditional food industrialization technology lies in packaging and equipment

differentiated products and services food equipment enterprise innovation and development path

at the time of the evaluation meeting, it was the 20th anniversary of Jingwei Company. Deng Lei, general manager of Chengdu Jingwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said that after 20 years of ups and downs, he deeply felt that entrepreneurship was not only a stage of enterprise development, but also the soul of innovative enterprises. Jingwei Company's automatic production line technology of hotpot seasoning and other two technologies have passed the expert evaluation, giving the enterprise a strong impetus for future innovation. What makes Deng Lei think deeply is that today, with the rapid development of information technology, traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises are unable to support themselves, and the increase of human costs and management expenses is constantly increasing the burden on enterprises. Providing customers with differentiated products and services has become the key to the survival of food equipment manufacturers, including Jingwei

learned that Jingwei's products represented by fully automatic packing equipment and various vacuum packaging equipment are constantly refreshing the industry's first. This is due to the fact that Jingwei regards technological innovation as the endogenous force for enterprises to move forward. In the past five years, the R & D investment of Jingwei Company has exceeded the total of the previous 15 years, which shows that it is in technology

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