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Packaging promotes product image innovation

recently, the relaunched elsan blue (a cleaning product) came into the market wearing a novel and eye-catching packaging

this package is redesigned from the old package by RPC container company. The color adopts an eye-catching dark blue substrate, which makes the appearance look more fashionable and modern on the basis of retaining the brand logo. The appearance adopts curve design, and leaves sufficient space for the coding area. In addition, this container also has the advantages of simplicity and practicality. It is an economical design that is easy to handle and dump. It has two specifications: 2L and 4L. Relevant goals are put forward in terms of technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, resource guarantee, green development and integration of industrialization and industrialization. The new packaging makes elsan Blue's brand logo trendy and easy to identify

source of information: packaging materials and containers

with a view to using nanoparticles to strengthen the performance of modified plastic materials statement:

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