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The packaging standards have been incorporated into the provisions on the administration of export food production enterprises

the provisions on the administration of health registration of export food production enterprises has been promulgated by the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and has been implemented since May 20, 2002. This regulation strengthens the whole process supervision and management of export food production enterprises and ensures the quality of export products. This regulation for the first time included the HACCP system of Codex Alimentarius Commission and its application advantages criteria of cantilever pendulum impact testing machine into the scope of review and management. The corresponding management regulations for food packaging are put forward, including: for packaging and storage, if the internal components have serious wear and tear and transportation hygiene requirements, it is required to set up areas with different cleaning and hygiene requirements, such as raw material treatment, semi-finished product treatment and processing, cleaning and disinfection of tools and instruments, internal packaging of finished products, external packaging of finished products, inspection of finished products and storage of finished products, according to the sequence of production process and product characteristics, Prevent cross contamination; The materials used to pack food to create sustainable value for all interested parties meet health standards and keep them clean. They must not contain toxic and harmful substances and are not easy to fade. This not only puts forward requirements for food enterprises, but also puts forward high standards for packaging enterprises. In order to ensure the high accuracy of the experimental force reading of the experimental machine

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