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Packaging ② maltenfort formula should be thin and green in quality. QS certification is required for the listing of moon cakes this year.

although it is nearly three months away from the traditional Mid Autumn Festival, the thick smoke of gunpowder has permeated the Hangzhou moon cake market. Since the beginning of July, the relevant heads of the purchasing departments of several supermarkets and stores in Hangzhou have begun to deal with moon cake ordering meetings from Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places. In addition to looking at the appearance and comparing the price, they also have one more task when looking at the samples this year, that is to see whether they are "green", whether they meet the "national standard" and whether they have QS certification

"this year's moon cakes will be more green and healthy than last year, and they will be more strict in terms of hygiene, packaging and so on." Ms. CAI of Century Lianhua commodity management department said that these indicators will be put in the first place in terms of ordering this year

since June 1 this year, China's first mandatory national standard for moon cakes has been implemented, and the newly added content has become more operational: the previous "plastic machinery such as plastic granulator with single grain packaging has a very large demand for energy, and the vacancy should not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single grain" "The average distance between the single package and the inner wall of the outer box and the single package should not exceed 2.5 cm, and the pointer should be parallel to the surface of the dial." is modified as: "the sales package volume of each kilogram of moon cake should not exceed 9.00 × 103 cubic centimeters. "

"this year's moon cake consumption will focus on green, nutrition and health." At the China green moon cake consumption trend and industry innovation forum yesterday, Liang Jie, vice president of the China Green Food Association, said that it has a whole set of strict standards for its increasingly high requirements, not only sugar free, but also raw material selection, quality management, packaging, etc. It was also revealed that in the face of the blind competition of restaurants, hotels and small food processing enterprises for the moon cake market, from this year, the moon cake industry will fully implement QS certification to ensure the quality of moon cakes; Those small moon cake production and processing enterprises that are difficult to pass the compulsory certification system are likely to be eliminated

this information has long been transformed into market interests by the sensitive moon cake enterprises. Guangdong RIWEI food company showed at the meeting its newly developed more than 20 moon cakes, which are green moon cakes that meet the "three low" nutritional standards. Time honored manufacturers such as wufangzhai and Limin Food Factory in Hangzhou are not inferior, and their green moon cakes will soon appear on the market

source: according to Zhejiang

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