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Part1: refreshing solid wood environment

the simple and fresh living room, made of solid wood and bamboo, gives a clear and elegant, very refreshing and comfortable, just in the summer brings a little cool

the living room with strong Japanese flavor, comfortable tatami and clean and simple sofa give people a very peaceful and comfortable feeling. At the same time, the sense of fashion is also very strong

the traditional Japanese living room decoration, with a very symmetrical structure and clear lines, brings elegance, cleanliness and a strong sense of geometric three-dimensional

the living room with light yellow as the main color is matched with white sofa cushion, which is very fresh and elegant

part2: decoration and Zen of style culture

the living room uses a large number of natural materials in the decoration and decoration of the living room, does not advocate luxury and resplendence, takes elegant moderation and profound Zen as the realm, and pays attention to practical functions

simple plants, tea tables and sofas are combined into this small living room. The bay window is decorated into a small tea room. It is also very comfortable to have a few drinks

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the Japanese simple style of black-and-white collocation creates a space for people to think quietly, with infinite Zen

the Zen in the simple design of the living room, and the unique pure and tasteful artistic conception are very popular

part3: look at simple creative works in furniture

whether it's wood or celadon, it brings a little freshness to people's hearts, which is natural and unique. Water cups, tissue boxes, stools, Wood Carved Bird decorations, are all beautiful

the Zen like solid wood tea table has a strong flavor of Japanese tea ceremony culture

dried flower decorations, vases, aromatherapy bottles, tatami, tea cans, all the trinkets have a simple taste, which is very creative and simple. Different styles match up with different lives, elegant and sweet





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