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Since its birth, Jungong finger vein intelligent lock has started with differentiated security recognition methods and unlocked through living finger vein + face recognition, making the security level more prominent. Jungong intelligent lock has opened a new era of live intelligent lock unlocking

there is an old Chinese saying that one key opens one lock. In terms of word meaning, different keys open different locks; Explain the specificity and matching degree of the key and lock. Of course, there is also a key that can open two locks. In the age of keys, it was an accident. With the development of science and technology, everything is changing. Mobile phones have changed cameras, Didi has changed travel, wechat has changed telecommunications, Alipay has changed banks... Production has also changed from the steam engine of industry 1.0 to the application and popularization of industry 2.0 electricity; Then from the information technology production of industry 3.0 to today's industry 4.0 information physical integration. It seems that all the changes in the world have been condensed in the past 200 years. Then, if one day someone told you that "one key opens one lock" is a false proposition, how would you treat it. This is the door lock reform of the ancients shocked by Jungong, and it is also the existence of Jungong finger vein intelligent lock

Jungong finger vein smart lock adopts finger vein + face recognition double unlocking technology. With this technology, you can omit the key, the only element that was unlocked before, and use a finger or a face to unlock the door directly. At the same time, you can open another lock in the same way. As long as you enter your finger vein and face into the lock, you can even unlock countless such locks

the door lock was born in the Neolithic Age about 5000 years ago. At that time, private property just appeared. People only use simple ropes to bind the door, with the help of a kind of "X" (x ī)” You can open the door by lifting the knot. Around 3000 A.D., the "latch" appeared, which may be the real door lock in China. Later, in the Han Dynasty, the emergence of three spring locks was a leap in Chinese locks, but it also handed over the stage to foreign countries. In the 18th century A.D., British dennick Porter invented cam leaf lock (leaf lock), which is recognized as the symbol and symbol of lock and key. It was not until 1848 that American L. yere invented the marble lock with cylindrical pin, which became an epoch-making product. Since then, mankind has entered the era of modern lock. In the 1970s, the application of microelectronics technology has promoted the growth of intelligent locks, and a series of intelligent locks have emerged, such as magnetic lock, voice lock, infrared lock, electromagnetic wave lock, electronic card lock, fingerprint lock and so on. However, these smart locks are often easy to copy, and there are deep security risks, so until today, the penetration rate of smart locks in China is still less than 0.3%

since its birth, Jungong finger vein intelligent lock has been unlocked by living finger vein + face recognition, starting with differentiated safety recognition methods. Due to the emphasis on living beings, the safety level is more prominent. Therefore, Jungong finger vein intelligent lock has opened a new era of living intelligent lock unlocking. In addition, Jungong finger vein smart lock also has many characteristics, such as diamond grade material, super appearance, suspended hidden handle and other disruptive innovations, abnormal unlocking remote alarm, unlocking information real-time push, unlocking record query at any time, multi-dimensional user identity management, high endurance lithium battery power supply, anti forgetting room door anti lock function, anti child anti lock function and so on. At the same time, the three colors of "Obsidian black, coffee gold and champagne gold" can also allow you to find "friends" at will in the dazzling "door" market

finger + face = two keys. If you are happy, you can enter one finger. In this way, you have three keys, and each key is different. Therefore, if the input information of three keys is the same, countless locks can be unlocked. It is believed that these far subvert the traditional "one key to one lock", from unlocking mode to security level, from scientific and technological innovation to innovative logic, which is the door lock reform of Jungong stunned the ancients





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