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MIMO information: many friends asked Xiaobian, is the integrated stove selling well now? What is the prospect of integrated stoves? Today, Xiaobian will tell you through some examples why Xiaobian said that the integrated stove has a good prospect and is worth investing. Nowadays, integrated stoves will be selected for new house decoration and kitchen renovation. The most important thing is that young people of the economic pillar generation will choose integrated stoves. Ms. Zhang: my old man and I are the only people in our family. Our children are busy. After marriage, they all live outside by themselves. The old man had heart disease. The range hood used at home before was too loud, and the effect of lampblack smoking was not good. The children gave us a new integrated stove. They said that their boss spoke for us. It was easy to use, and it was installed and used for a few days. The sound of this thing was too loud, and our old man couldn't bear it. After telling the children, they went to the store and told people to change it. The person was also very good, Immediately ask the staff to replace us with a new one. It's not the last brand. The replaced MIMO Lingfeng a-75cm integrated stove works well after replacement. It's quiet, and the smoke is cleaner than the previous one. It's better to use MIMO integrated stove. It's good-looking and useful. My son used the computer to check the information of this integrated stove and showed it to the old man. I took a look. This integrated stove also has an automatic cleaning function. My son said that he can clean it himself in the future, just press the button, and left a business card. If there is any problem, he can call directly and solve it immediately. My old man and I are convenient. Our voice is reduced, and we are much better for the old man

Mr. Song: we have lived in the first suite for 8 years. Next year, our children will go to primary school. We gritted our teeth and bought a school district room. We just delivered it and took the key. Next, we will face the problem of decoration; Having learned the lesson of buying a house for the first time, my wife and I began to carefully plan the decoration of our new home. My wife attaches great importance to the decoration of the kitchen and bedroom, while I attach more importance to the decoration of the living room. When it comes to kitchen decoration, my wife resents the range hood used in the kitchen of the first suite, saying that it is hung above the kitchen cabinet, which is not good-looking, and the smell of oil smoke can't be exhausted; Because she and my mother often go to the kitchen, I don't think much about the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen. My wife said, "you are busy outside as a whole, and you go home to eat ready-made food. How can you know the hard work of her and my mother when cooking?" the smell of oil smoke is pungent. If you don't say it, your face is greasy after a meal. It's hard enough to make a meal

as a big man, when I heard this, I suddenly felt that waves of guilt continued to hit me. I ignored it too much, I was too busy at work at ordinary times, and I ignored the health of the two most important women in my family (mom and wife); In fact, I saw the harm of lampblack to human body in building materials stores and online before, and I didn't think much about it at that time. Today, I heard my wife say that I should do something for my family, at least let there be no lampblack in the kitchen, for nothing else, just for my mother and wife to be happy when cooking; As for the most important electrical appliance in kitchen decoration, the range hood has actually been heard before. There is a "integrated cooker" product, which has a much better oil absorption effect than the traditional range hood hung on the kitchen cabinet. Since then, after communicating with my family about kitchen decoration, I have been searching and browsing the information about "integrated cooker" products on the Internet

there are quite a few manufacturers producing integrated stoves, but it seems that they don't see anything special. Until I saw the story of Xu zhejun, chairman of MIMO electric appliance, he is really a person I admire and trust. He was born as a distributor of integrated stoves, knows what good products customers want, and has suffered from the manufacturer's products that are not good enough and running to repair and urge parts, I believe he will strictly require every product from the standards of our customers. Moreover, he personally checks and tests each integrated stove to ensure that the quality of each integrated stove sent from MIMO is guaranteed. From this point of view, I'm willing to believe him. As an ordinary consumer, someone checks for us. What's wrong with buying MIMO integrated stoves like this? The integrated cooker has low noise, strong ability to smoke oil, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and complete functions. Choose a trusted brand and give you a fashionable and generous technology kitchen. Whether young or old, you can easily use it. Why not choose the integrated cooker? Integrated stove is the general trend, and the future integrated stove industry will only continue to expand. MIMO, with rigorous technology to ensure product quality and perfect service to ensure customer experience, so dear friends, don't ask Xiaobian about the prospect of integrated stove again, Xiaobian will only tell you: very good




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