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Hennessy elite training camp opened successfully in Yueyang, Hunan yesterday! Elites from all over the country listen attentively, take notes carefully, actively participate in the discussion, and devote themselves to the training. We expect that the next training will be more colorful and wonderful

Hennessy doors and windows special training camp was successfully opened in Yueyang, Hunan Province on May 21, 2015. Today is the first day of the special training camp. 200 Hennessy elites from Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Chongqing and other places came to the training site early with full spirit and enthusiasm to wait for the camp to open

during the training, the Hennessy family listened attentively, took notes carefully, actively participated in the discussion, and devoted themselves to the training. During the course explanation, teacher Liu integrated theory with practice, gave lively and interesting lectures, and the classroom atmosphere was very active. And the assessment is based on team PK scoring. In the PK link, each family member tries his best to win scores for his team, which reflects the high sense of team responsibility and positive and enterprising mentality of Hennessy people

the one-day cultural course training is over. Although it is hard, every Hennessy family has gained. Several family members were interviewed on site. They all said that the training knowledge was very valuable and helpful to them in their daily sales. They also thanked the company for providing this training opportunity. This training not only taught them a lot of sales skills, but also developed their way of thinking and enhanced the cohesion of Hennessy people. He said he looked forward to the next training




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