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With the sluggish recovery of the world economy and the adjustment of China's economic development model, China's construction machinery industry continues to show a downturn, and the sales of most products continue to decline. However, the tunneling machinery industry, represented by the full face TBM, has maintained a good momentum of development under the pull of the sustainable and prosperous market

"the full face TBM market in 2015, as expected, continued to show a growth trend. According to the current preliminary understanding, there was an increase of about 8%~10%; while the market of roadheader was similar to other construction machinery, showing a downward trend; the horizontal directional drilling market was basically stable." On December 3rd, 2015, the annual meeting of the tunneling machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association was held in Changshu, Jiangsu Province. At the meeting, Yuju, chairman of the tunneling machinery branch, analyzed the industry situation in this way

according to the statistics of the tunneling machinery branch, 176 full face TBMs were sold in 2014, an increase of 12% over 2013. In terms of product specifications and varieties sold in 2014, 83 EPB shield machines were sold, accounting for 47%; 13 slurry shield machines; Tbm19 sets, including single shield, double shield and open type; Compound and hybrid 59 sets; 3 pipe jacking machines. 90% of the 6-meter Metro class roadheader diameters range from the minimum 2500 mm to the maximum 17600 mm. From 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 11m to 15m in diameter, almost all specifications and varieties of roadheader have manufacturing capacity in China

five factors promote the development of the industry

Yu Ju analyzed that in recent two years, China's tunneling machinery industry has developed rapidly and made great progress mainly in the following aspects:

first, under the dual role of policy and market, the industrial structure has been further optimized. Some enterprises have been transformed or withdrawn, and the industrial concentration has increased. The market share of the top three enterprises in the production of full face TBM has reached more than 60%. Domestic enterprises have grown rapidly and have firmly occupied the leading position in the Chinese market, forming a situation in which state-owned enterprises are the main body, private enterprises, foreign capital and joint ventures develop together

second, the development of overseas markets has made new progress. After China railway equipment successfully acquired German wilt TBM technology, Liaoning Sansan wholly-owned company acquired Canadian Lovat company from caterpillar, creating favorable conditions for the company's technological progress and opening up overseas markets. Quite a number of enterprises are more motivated to export. Domestic shield machines have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe and Oceania, with an annual export of more than 30 sets

third, the application of domestic TBM in the domestic market has made a breakthrough. After many efforts, the two 8m TBMs of China railway equipment and China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. won the bid in Jilin Songyin water supply project. After entering the construction site in the second half of the year, they have been successfully excavated for several kilometers; In addition, other TBM projects have won the bid successively, such as Xinjiang water transmission project and Chongqing Metro project, which should be said to have begun to break the monopoly of TBM in the domestic market by foreign-funded enterprises

fourth, significant progress has been made in promoting the localization of key components. In order to solve the localization problem of shield machine main bearing and reducer, the Ministry of industry and information technology held a special seminar at the beginning of the year. After the seminar, the project of constructing shield machine main bearing and reducer test-bed was finally implemented through further investigation, bid evaluation and other procedures. In addition, the main engine enterprises and main supporting enterprises, with the cooperation of the construction unit, are actively discussing the localization of supporting facilities

fifth, the remanufacture of full face TBM is in the ascendant. At present, according to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 900 full face TBMs in China. It is expected that there will be a rapid growth in the next few years, and a considerable number of them have reached their design service life. Therefore, in recent years, remanufacturing or old machine renovation has been supported by the government and valued by industry enterprises in order to save energy, protect the environment and reduce costs. At present, they are actively exploring and practicing, And has a lot of successful experience

existing problems need to be solved urgently

nevertheless, the problems perplexing the development of the industry can not be ignored. Yu Ju believes that the primary problem in the current industry development is the localization of key supporting parts, which needs to be seriously solved

as the key components of the tunneling machinery, such as the main bearing and main reducer, as well as the hydraulic system and control system, the product quality and stability are still far behind those of foreign countries. The main reasons for this problem are: on the one hand, the supporting enterprises' R & D investment is insufficient and their enthusiasm is not high; On the other hand, users lack confidence and support for domestic supporting facilities

Yu Ju pointed out that strengthening the localization of full face TBM accessories is not only a problem for an enterprise, nor is it just a problem of product quality and cost, but also a problem related to China's industrial safety. At present, the international situation is complex and changeable, and there are many unstable factors in trade and economic relations. We must guard against the possibility that overseas supporting suppliers may be blocked in some cases, leading to the collapse of the industrial chain. Therefore, we must have our own supporting capacity. "Now, with the care and support of the government, the whole industry is taking action". He hopes that the host machine enterprises, supporting enterprises, construction users and scientific research institutes will work together to accelerate the R & D, improvement, improvement, tackling key problems and installation and use of key supporting parts, so as to form domestic supporting capacity as soon as possible

secondly, the development of domestic TBM market and overseas market still needs to be strengthened. At present, the production capacity of the domestic tunneling machinery industry is huge, with plant and equipment ranking first in the world. The R & D and design capacity has been greatly improved, resulting in a situation of relative overcapacity, insufficient market and fierce competition. Yu Ju believes that the solution to this problem is to develop the domestic TBM market and overseas market

from the domestic market, due to inadequate publicity and communication, some important TBM user departments still lack understanding of the development and progress of domestic enterprises in recent years and trust in the quality of domestic equipment. To this end, Yu Ju suggested that large enterprises should take the initiative to invite construction users and leaders of the project planning and design department to visit the enterprise; In addition, the enterprises that have won the bid must do a good job in their products and services, and play a demonstration role. In addition, with the price advantage, the competitiveness of domestic machines will be improved, and the market will have

from the perspective of overseas market, the export proportion of domestic machines is less than 20%, with great potential. At the same time of increasing export volume, publicity is still crucial in addition to design and manufacturing, delivery and service. Foreign users must have a full understanding of China's industrial scale, R & D and production capacity. Yu Ju suggested that enterprises should actively participate in relevant overseas influential exhibitions, Exhibition "We have played the role of a catalyst for China's products and capabilities; large enterprises should strengthen overseas market development, including strengthening institutional staffing, strengthening information collection and overseas market research, and strengthening public relations work.

finally, the market environment still needs to be improved. An open, fair and reasonable market competition environment is a necessary condition for the healthy development of the industry and the need for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Yu Ju believes that At present, the market of tunneling machinery is generally normal, but two problems still need to be paid attention to: first, excessive protection still exists in some industries or regions, which can not give all enterprises the opportunity to compete fairly, which is detrimental to the development of the whole industry and the technological development and competitiveness improvement of the protected enterprises. Second, the price competition tends to intensify. At present, the industrial pattern of full face TBM in China is relatively centralized. Theoretically, there should be no fierce price competition. Excessive low prices make enterprises lose their development ability, which is actually detrimental to everyone. Enterprises should consciously resist low price competition, especially large enterprises, which should shoulder the important task of leading the development of the industry and set an example

seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger

after more than 10 years of development, especially the rapid progress in the past five years, China's tunneling machinery industry has already possessed a considerable industrial scale and relatively strong technical capacity. The next few years will also be an excellent opportunity and key period for China's tunneling machinery industry to become bigger and stronger and live in the world's first-class. Yu Ju looked forward to the future development of the tunneling machinery industry from two aspects of policy and market

in terms of policies, the first is the "13th five year plan" implemented in 2016. This is the decisive stage for China to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020. The plan proposes to "expand industrial development space and support the development of emerging industries such as high-end equipment"; We should "expand the space for infrastructure construction and implement major public facilities and infrastructure projects"; We should "accelerate the improvement of water conservancy, railways, highways, pipelines and other infrastructure networks"; Put forward the "implementation of urban underground pipe reconstruction project", and defined the development direction and task of tunneling machinery industry as high-end equipment

secondly, the "made in China 2025" plan issued by the State Council on may19,2015. It is clearly proposed that from 2015, it will take three 10 years to rank among the world's manufacturing powers in terms of comprehensive strength. In the first 10 years, i.e. to 2025, strive to become a manufacturing power; Put forward the development policy of "innovation driven, quality first, green development, structure optimization, talent oriented"; The plan proposes to "vigorously develop advanced manufacturing industry, transform and upgrade traditional industries, promote the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing" and "cultivate a number of industrial groups and enterprise groups with core competitiveness", pointing out the direction for the development of tunneling machinery industry

secondly, the "the Belt and Road" development strategy proposed by the state. The establishment of the Asian infrastructure construction and Development Bank and other measures are greatly conducive to the development of infrastructure construction in 65 countries along the line, which is undoubtedly good for the overseas development of China's tunneling machinery and equipment

in terms of market, the first is the construction of urban rail transit. This is the main market for tunneling machinery. At present, there are 101 subways in operation, with a total length of 3155 kilometers. According to the plans of 39 cities that have been approved to build subways, the total operating mileage of urban rail transit will reach 8290 kilometers by 2020; From 2015 to 2017, the new construction mileage will reach 4300 km, with an average of 1400 km per year. In addition, 20~30 second tier cities are also developing urban rail transit plans

second, railway construction and water conservancy construction. This is the main market for TBM. In August, 2015, the executive meeting of the State Council stressed the need to accelerate the construction of major projects such as railways and water conservancy, set up PPP projects to guide funds, and expand capital demand. At present, among the 60 key railway projects and 27 major water conservancy projects that the state plans to start in 2015, 35 railway projects and 25 water conservancy projects have completed the preliminary review of land use, and the investment of 800billion yuan in railway projects and 800billion yuan in water conservancy projects is being implemented. By 2020, the investment in water conservancy construction projects will exceed 400billion yuan. Encourage the development of short process steelmaking

the third is the construction of urban underground infrastructure. This is a new potential market for tunneling machinery. In July this year, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development announced the full launch of the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery after the executive meeting of the State Council proposed that the underground comprehensive pipe gallery should be regarded as a livelihood project supported by the state. By 2020, strive to build a number of underground comprehensive pipe galleries with international advanced level. two

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