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The development of business printing should not be underestimated in the digital age

in a society of continuous informatization, printing still has its rigid demand. Although the Asia Pacific headquarters of all business departments under the e-commerce and networking group have also been moved to China and developed rapidly, people's reading methods are also changing, and the printing of books and periodicals in traditional printing has been affected to varying degrees, But business printing is still shining in the digital age

at the same time, with the further popularization of the Internet, the Internet is having a continuous impact on the printing industry, but this impact is positive. According to relevant media reports, submitting, reviewing and tracking printing orders by contacting the printing system has gradually become a normal situation for printing enterprises

according to the latest statistics of InfoTrends, the proportion of online printing in the total revenue of commercial printing in the United States will increase from 15% in 2009 to 30% in 2014. Compared with the data ten years ago (2000), this proportion has increased five times. At that time, the proportion of online printing in the total revenue of commercial printing was only 3%. By 2014, of the total commercial printing revenue of US $107billion, US $31billion will come from the network printing system

in China's business printing market, high-end business and packaging printing solutions are attracting much attention. The newspaper groups around the country have a clear sense of this trend. For example, with the daily maintenance of Hunan Japan concrete pressure testing machine 3. The measured hardness value is different from the indicated value of the standard hardness block. The maintenance measures are reported to the newspaper group and Gauss (Gauss model Gauss library Gauss second-hand equipment) China. Hunan newspaper group will vigorously develop business printing; The launch of Wuhu Dajiang business printing base project also marks the first step in the business transformation of Wuhu newspaper group, which makes the newspaper group develop from a simple newspaper industry to a multi industry one; The diversified industries represented by business printing, Internet business, e-commerce and logistics distribution of Hangzhou newspaper group developed rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 33%, accounting for 25% of the group's total revenue. Among them, the business printing business increased by 100% year-on-year

in addition, the technological innovation of the upstream industry of printing and packaging is also one of the reasons for the rise of business printing. With the continuous improvement of the printing machine manufacturing level, the printing quality has been increasingly improved, and has also been favored by many brand enterprises. Liuxianghong, manager of the technology center of Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd., once interviewed. Manager Liu said: I think a good printed matter is the brand representative of an enterprise. We attach great importance to the high technical standards and quality standards of an enterprise in printed matter, because printed matter will directly affect the sales of products and give consumers a visual impact

in the past, due to the low level of domestic printing technology, it is not difficult for us to understand why many international brands came to China to sell their products, but their packaging printing and album printing would rather spend high shipping costs and print abroad. Now, this kind of situation has basically disappeared. With the improvement of domestic printing level, many enterprises have obviously felt this and invested printing orders in China, such as coupons, DM and other printed materials

at present, there are many domestic machinery manufacturers committed to business printing solutions, such as bt440bt640 of Shanghai Guanghua, H-series microcomputer program-controlled paper cutter with waste cleaning of Shanghai shenweida (shenweida model shenweida library shenweida second-hand equipment), Hangzhou Kelei, and huaguangjing vacuum insulation board, whose thermal insulation performance will plummet; Secondly, Gongkou, Yingkou Sanxin, Shaanxi beiren (beiren model, beiren library, beiren second-hand equipment), etc

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