The development of cigarette packaging in China

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The development of cigarette packaging in China since the reform and opening up, China's tobacco packaging technology has made rapid development. From the soft box packaging of coated paper to the hard box packaging of ordinary white cardboard, glass cardboard and aluminum foil gold and silver cardboard, and then to the use of pet mirror composite cardboard, many enterprises can also carry out hard box packaging according to engineering needs and introduce high-grade frosting process, which has always been in the forefront of the national packaging. Now, the domestic tobacco industry has launched laser rainbow cardboard (including BOPP laser rainbow cardboard and pet laser rainbow cardboard) hard wrapped cigarette cases, which gives people a fresh feeling and drives the upsurge of using laser rainbow cardboard in the tobacco industry. The market is gradually expanding. In order to share the market share as much as possible, each cigarette factory in China shows its magic power and constantly brings forth the new. Therefore, China's tobacco packaging market has witnessed an unprecedented prosperity. The packaging of some products has even far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands. In particular, the hard packaging of cigarettes has created a historical precedent for the world's tobacco packaging. China's tobacco packaging has reached a new level in material selection: from bureau 8, digital display spring testing machine, which has two pairs of filter level limit protection with program-controlled and mechanical infarct instigators and uses laser materials for decoration (such as laser electrochemical aluminum hot stamping), to the integration of laser materials and printing of the whole and full page. Jinan assays specializes in the research and development of high-precision microcomputer controlled pressure testing machine

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