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The development direction after the reform of cigarette packet printing

with the world's first back suction, it is especially suitable for laboratories that continuously do impact experiments and metallurgical and mechanical manufacturing departments that do a large number of impact experiments; The Convention on tobacco control - the Framework Convention on tobacco control has entered into force. As the 77th signatory of the Convention, China will also formally implement this anti smoking treaty after the approval of the National People's Congress. The various restrictions on tobacco enterprises, tobacco packaging advertising and sales in the Framework Convention on tobacco control contain the theme of fair competition. After the entry into force of the Framework Convention on tobacco control, tobacco packaging will face major changes, requiring the development of tobacco packaging and printing in the three directions of environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and low cost

tobacco packaging is different from the packaging of other products and has its own characteristics. It is also one of the packaging products requiring the highest precision at present. It includes environmental protection technology, process design, materials, printing technology and other factors. Therefore, tobacco enterprises must make greater efforts to make a breakthrough in packaging, so that their brands can stand out among the competitors. It was learned from the 2005 China cigarette package printing seminar that in the future, tobacco packaging will develop in three directions: environmental protection, anti-counterfeiting and low cost

environmental protection: in today's popular trend of tobacco packaging, the demand for "environmental protection" is particularly important. At present, no matter tobacco enterprises or packaging suppliers, more and more enterprises related to thermal insulation say that all enterprises should seriously face the problems related to environmental protection to realize the necessity and urgency of using, developing and producing environmental protection products. In foreign countries, the environmental protection degree of each link of cigarette products is very high, especially when printing and packaging, it is necessary to use adaptive ink; Use transfer paper and white cardboard instead of composite paper. Only by using environmentally friendly packaging products can tobacco enterprises get a "green pass" to the world market. Therefore, the production and application of "green packaging" products will be the focus of the development of the tobacco industry in the next few years

anti counterfeiting: the technology and process required for cigarette packet printing is second only to the printing of banknotes and securities. Therefore, compared with the anti-counterfeiting technology used in general products, cigarette packs have higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology. Tobacco enterprises, on the one hand, mix anti-counterfeiting materials into the production process of packaging materials, on the other hand, use anti-counterfeiting printing technology in the printing process

at present, a large number of anti-counterfeiting technologies are used in tobacco packaging. For example, laser holography and ink anti-counterfeiting are the most common anti-counterfeiting technologies; Anti counterfeiting special BOPP smoke film technology; Embossed printing can improve the appearance of cigarette case lining, and high-quality embossed printing is difficult to copy, becoming a defense line against counterfeit cigarettes; The anti-counterfeiting method of special fluorescent compound coating can be applied to inks and pigments

low cost: China is the largest cigarette market in the world. In order to occupy the market as much as possible, various domestic cigarette factories have continuously introduced Chen Xin. As a result, China's tobacco packaging market has witnessed unprecedented prosperity. The packaging of some products has even far exceeded the packaging level of some famous international brands, especially the hard packaging of cigarettes, including gold, silver and frosted packaging, And the most advanced technologies in the world packaging industry (such as hot stamping, holographic anti-counterfeiting, etc.) have appeared on the hard packaging of cigarettes in China. Therefore, tobacco packaging also has the momentum of transitional packaging. Now, on the basis of environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting, foreign tobacco packaging is striving to reduce costs. In the past, people always believed that hard pack cigarettes would become the mainstream of the market, but from a long-term perspective, in the next 15-20 years, the soft pack cigarette market will become the mainstream; In addition, reducing the profit margin of tobacco packaging and printing is also an important factor to reduce costs. First of all, open the tobacco packaging and printing market to fair competition. At present, most of the tobacco packaging and printing are in a monopoly position, shifting the driven needle back to zero. Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the cost from materials and equipment

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