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The development of China's construction machinery parts and components is closely related to policy support

affected by the decline of the complete machine market, the situation of the construction machinery parts industry is not optimistic. The overall sales volume of enterprises is declining, and the working capital is in urgent need. Even some enterprises may be eliminated due to unreasonable operation mode and single product structure. Therefore, in terms of the sustainable development of construction machinery accessory enterprises, we should speed up the structural adjustment and technological upgrading, solve the problem of product homogeneity as soon as possible, realize the differentiated development of enterprises, and build the strength of enterprises with specialty; At the same time, it closely follows the development trend of the construction machinery industry, adjusts the industrial structure around energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection, explores the energy-saving technology of Zero Steel Union information reporting components, realizes the multi-purpose of one machine, realizes the energy saving of the whole machine through the technical optimization of components, and helps China's construction machinery realize the dream of becoming a powerful country with excellent quality as soon as possible. China's construction machinery parts market has an output value of hundreds of billions. If we want to strengthen and expand this market, we need more strict policies, industry norms and enterprise self-discipline

surplus of basic parts

reviewing the history of the fastener and other basic parts industry, we can find a regular phenomenon, that is, whenever the market is in high demand, there will inevitably be product saturation, followed by macro-control and compression, followed by another round of supply in short supply, and the manufacturers will increase production capacity again, so the products will be saturated again. This is how the fastener industry has been for nearly 20 years

the core parts of China's construction machinery industry need to be imported, while the overcapacity of basic parts such as fasteners and the sharp rise of raw materials will fall on the basic parts industry such as fasteners at the same time. The capacity mentioned mainly refers to the restricted development of ordinary standard parts (fasteners lower than grade 8.8)

the continuous and benign development of China's construction machinery industry has brought a huge market to the accessory industry. However, driven by the interests for many years, fake and inferior products have flooded the construction machinery accessories market. Every year, the local industrial and commercial departments are constantly investigating and dealing with fake and shoddy parts, and some industrial enterprises are also actively involved in exposing counterfeiting events, but the trend of counterfeiting parts is prevalent. The accessories market mainly includes two parts: supporting the main engine and after-sales maintenance. On the whole, supporting the main engine, because the main engine manufacturers have very strict standards and requirements when selecting partners and supporting enterprises, and there is basically no fake and shoddy situation. However, in the after-sales and maintenance market of construction machinery, the demand for accessories is very large, and the product circulation channels are relatively miscellaneous, It is a breeding ground for fake and inferior parts. Users are widely distributed in different regions, dealers vary in size, and parts distribution is very difficult to manage

domestic competition of parts and components

looking at China, at present, the manufacturers of construction machinery parts and components are still busy running horses and enclosure, and cranes and mussels are competing. Although in the traditional models, such as loaders, bulldozers and other key parts, it has an absolute competitive advantage by using its own scale and marketing means; However, the imported key parts and components are often used in pavers and concrete machinery, and the digestion, absorption and innovation based on the imported technology for many years. Path dependence is generated; In some large-scale products, high-grade intelligent products and emerging professional products, such as bulldozers with more than 220 horsepower and engineering drilling rigs, they are not competitive; Especially on the typical earth moving equipment excavator, due to the lack of control technology and key parts manufacturing technology, the market share is almost surrendered

China's construction machinery parts industry has always been characterized by the reluctance of large enterprises and the inability of small enterprises. In order to solve the backwardness of parts and components, leading domestic well-known construction machinery enterprises such as XCMG machinery, Liugong and Zoomlion began to increase the research and development of parts and components. XCMG is currently acquiring two parts manufacturers in Europe through its listed company XCMG machinery, one in Germany and the other in the Netherlands. According to insiders, the two European companies acquired by XCMG this time have core technologies in the field of high-end hydraulic parts manufacturing, which is precisely what domestic enterprises lack. In terms of the core technologies of key components, the pace of industrialization through independent research and development is too slow. In the case of depression of foreign enterprises, it will be a faster way to strive to provide customers with safe and reliable overall solutions for mergers and acquisitions

Parts Counterfeiting

in recent years, a number of enterprises have emerged in China's excavator parts industry that rely on the manufacture of low-quality parts. Their emergence has directly brought harm to some well-known big brands and enterprises, because the defective products they produce are often printed with the company name and logo of the big brand, so that customers who can't distinguish the true from the false have been cheated, and thus have doubts about the famous big brands, Often, customers are also driven by interests when they are cheated. Consumers are greedy for cheap accessories and improve production efficiency. At the same time, reciprocating architectural coatings GB 9779 (8) are willing to sacrifice their lives for the second place

consumers choose low-cost counterfeit parts, which are not only of low quality and easy to be damaged, but also dangerous to use counterfeit parts for important parts. Remind consumers that when purchasing excavator accessories, they must not be greedy for bargains and pay for everything

in the construction machinery parts market, there are many counterfeits, flooding the market and fishing in troubled waters. The appearance of fake excavator parts is very similar to that of real parts, but the internal quality is too poor. When users of construction machinery choose to buy, some people will be greedy for bargains and buy non genuine parts, which will often damage the machine. The market price of parts is not transparent, and some illegal dealers and agents have an opportunity to take advantage of it

both Doushan and sany, well-known enterprises of construction machinery, have jointly engaged in anti-counterfeiting activities with the industrial and commercial departments. The most recent case was in may2013, Jiangsu Lianyungang Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce cracked a case of counterfeit Doushan excavator parts, and more than 300 counterfeit Doushan parts were found on the scene. To a certain extent, the crackdown on counterfeits has led to the arrogance of making and selling counterfeit goods; Komatsu uses high-tech anti-counterfeiting labels to crack down on counterfeit parts


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