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[roadshow] Beiban artificial intelligence technology: the product has been actually used in more than 700 grassroots medical service centers and pharmacies

panorama on October 15 - the 2018 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation Week kicked off last Tuesday, and the "black technology daily show impact experiment; free fall experiment, etc." at the Western roadshow center, the main venue in Chengdu, was held on October 9, 2018 - which requires different experimental forces On October 15, the fixture with different design was selected for the size and detail of the sample. The event focused on the hot fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, life health, etc. the innovative products and design schemes at the cutting edge of science and technology were released every day, the audience was organized to carry out on-site interactive experience, and the roadshows of product related projects and expert evaluation sharing and exchange meetings were held, so that the audience could feel the changes brought by the latest scientific and technological achievements to production and life at the first time

Beiban artificial intelligence technology (Chengdu Co., Ltd.) appeared in the "black Technology Daily Show" on the 15th with the "medical brother service robot" project. The company introduced at this event that the company has a compound team that has rich resources in the medical industry and understands artificial intelligence technology, and has core technical support in the natural language processing of medical semantic database and pharmaceutical knowledge map, The product has been used in more than 700 primary medical service centers and social pharmacies, and has received many praises from users

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Shanghai Medical repair Geluo Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise that provides in-depth customized solutions for artificial intelligence (robots) in the vertical industry. Beiban artificial intelligence technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, focuses on developing the central and Western markets and key customer operation system, while laying out new product research and development and customized products for medical service robots. The medical repair brother series robot products based on NLP natural language processing and Android open platform can provide commercial services for Baixing Baiye. The robot scene should be used and developed according to GGII. Focusing on the three vertical fields of health care, new retail consumption and government public services, the intelligent voice human-computer interaction solution built by machine deep learning, big data accumulation analysis and neural network system provides accurate intelligent services for all industries. (Panorama)

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