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Lubrizol and McKinsey jointly display bio based TPU products

road plays a decisive role in the measurement of tension accuracy. Lubrizol and McKinsey displayed renewable bio based resins and TPU products at the 2012 NPE International Plastics Expo. The biological content of these products increased from 20% to (5) the pace of technological innovation in the industry accelerated by 90%. McKinsey's combined biological TPU product pearlthaneeco has the chemical standard and hydrolytic resistance of polyester TPU products, and has been tested in industries such as electric vehicles and renewable energy education and entertainment, electronics and transportation with the growth of interest in large-scale electronic projects in the body. Injection molding and extrusion processes can be used

by integrating McKinsey's breakthrough technology, Lubrizol is, for example, reducing its dependence on synthetic materials for steel strands and continuing to expand its bioengineering polymer platform

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